Out of the various types of conning games practiced by online romance scammers, faking the identity of military personnel has gained much popularity, necessitating immediate efforts by the victims to report dating scams. The factors working in favor of these romance scammers are:

  • Women find it a matter of pride to enter into a relationship with military service men.
  • The scammers promise marriage and an affluent lifestyle upon marrying them.
  • The scammers tend to earn the sympathy of women under the pretext they are homesick and yearn for love and affection which they may not find in their workplaces.
  • The photographs used in dating scams are picture perfect, well-built army officers in immaculate uniforms, obviously faked.

Report dating scams if the partner evades questions on employment

It can very well amount to a reason to report dating scams, if your all-eligible military partner online chooses to be exceedingly tight lipped with practical questions relating to his:

  • Military exposure, work tenure
  • Work achievements in military
  • Friends or any family members who may be employed in military
  • Refusal to share official contact details

Report dating scams if financial requests are made

The online partner from military, having getting innocent ladies hooked onto seemingly lasting relationships, and then come out with solid requests for money which may include:

  • Payments to be made to his family members, who may be located in the victim’s country (the scammer’s aide, planted on purpose), because wire transfer is not possible from remote areas where military personnel work from.
  • Upon sudden injury or disablement, the scammer is indisposed and has to remain in rest to recuperate. He needs financial assistance during the period.
  • Requests to transfer funds for travel expenses, communication expenses.

These fake military officials are seasoned scammers who know how to reroute money across multifarious channels and it is very difficult to recover lost funds. It will be worthwhile to report dating scams before the situation gets out of control.

Report dating scams if the scammer wriggles out of face to face meetings online

It is common logic that if the military serviceman, who has no difficulty in subscribing to an online dating site and chats regularly, he should not have difficulty in coming forward for a live video chat.

  • If the online romance partner cites security reasons for not able to make Skype video calls, it creates suspicion.
  • If the person avoids writing or sending letters by post, even if the facility to send letters home is very well available for all military personnel, then it is one of the moments to report dating scams.
  • If the military partner is hesitant to share his social media links, it is time to be alert. Nowadays, much alike normal people, military personnel are also active on social media. It will be useful to check interactions with friends and relatives.

Due to the growing notoriousness in online military romance scams, many online platforms are publishing list of fake military profiles on the public domain. It is advisable to leaf through these lists and find out the possibility of an impending dating scam.