Finding love for free on the internet? You could be heading into the net of a romance scammer or an advance fee fraud online instead! As romance scams are increasing in number, being penniless and heartbroken due to some cybercriminals machinations is not the only problem, so is losing your life and identity. Crime syndicates online use social media and social networking as well as dating sites to strike and steal your sensitive information. But you can even lose your life. There have been cases of romance scammers luring people to remote places, killing them and assuming their identity. So, when it comes to romance frauds, make sure you report dating scams. You could be saving more than just money. But how do you know when you have met Mr. Wrong (as opposed to Mr. Right)?

#1 Notice What’s Wrong

Caught in the emotions of being in love, many vulnerable and gullible victims overlook factors like the type of discrepancies or mismatches. Prolific romance scammers use the same messages and same styles to communicate with others. They are generic so that they can trick a lot of people at the same time. This is the first sign you need to report dating scams. They are so generic that you can even find out what they write by matching it with other sites or communications online. Some scammers  are so lazy, they lift and copy paste text to lure people. Consider the language of the person as well. Poor grammar, misspellings, typos and errors indicating an uneducated person when the individual is claiming to be a doctorate is a real indication the fat is in the fire ( and you are in the frying pan). But luckily, there is something you can do about this. Reporting dating scams is important and save yourself from a fate that could actually be death.

#2 Don’t Turn Your Online Scammer Into A Real Hero

Emotions can cloud the judgement and this holds true for romance scams as well. When you are caught in the trap, love can blinden you to simple facts such as the lack of verification, the obvious attempts to pump you with money and more. In fact, the scammer relies on this and this is why he or she is using romance as a medium to try and ensnare you. Remember the Sandra Bullock starrer, The Net where she trusts a romance scammer who turns out to steal her identity and threaten her life? Well, movies can and do become real and sometimes, truth can even be stranger than fiction. Online scams can be detected using photo or facial recognition software and matches online to catch when a conman is in place and ready to exploit you. Instead of wedding bells, alarm bells should be ringing when you choose to connect with a stranger online. Never let your guard down. In fact, if your intuition tells you that things look too good to be true, they probably are and you need to think about reporting dating scams pronto.

#3 Check The Hard Evidence

Signs that you are trapped in a scammer’s net includes mismatches in what they are claiming online and an online search will reveal many lies of scammers online. You need to be searching specifically for the details that they have shared with you. Confirm whether they are using an online telephone directory or a site to get contact details of another person. Using a pen name for their evil scams, these two faced individuals are the worst thing about the online world. Don’t let these scammers into your heart and home. Trust the evidence and report dating scams, rather than facing a life of penury, misery or (worse) an untimely death! Use online fraud detection software and place fraud alerts online to report dating scams. Don’t leave off the action till it’s too late. Reporting dating scams provides good results and saves you from heartbreak, financial ruin and even death.