Scammers continue to prowl popular social media sites in search for potential victims for their latest fraudulent schemes. They constantly change their tactics and social manipulation strategies to victimize as many users as possible. They also enjoy the fact that not too many victims and users are motivated to report a scammer. With this, they continue with their illegal activities on the Web and in these social media platforms undeterred.

Many users in these social media sites, even those who have been victimized by fraudsters, don’t know how to report a scammer in these Web platforms. That’s expected, especially considering that many of these social media companies don’t usually respond to email support tickets and the like. They just simply ask users to post in their public Q & A pages, though through this process, users need to wait indefinitely for others to respond to their questions or comment to their answers.

That’s also one of the main reasons why fraudsters and organized crime groups continue to target unsuspecting users of these social media sites for their latest online scams and Web crimes. After all, there’s a massive ready pool of victims waiting for them to con them out of their hard-earned cash, steal their private information and cause serious trouble for them. Since many of their victims don’t know how to report a scammer in these social platforms, they usually get away scott-free with their Web crimes.

Facebook is infamous for doing this – They don’t respond to email tickets. All you get is an auto-generated response. However, they do provide tools that you can readily use to report a scammer, contrary to the belief of other users.

With this, to make your daily social media experience more secure and private, found below are some ways that you can do to report a scammer in Facebook. Just keep in mind that preventive measures are always better than defensive techniques in terms of protecting yourself against Web scams and online crimes. As the saying goes – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How to Report a Scammer in Facebook

If you want to report a post with illegal, unacceptable content, then there’s a link near the post that allows you to report it. For example, if you see an advertised post in your news feed about a money scam, a fake job offer or a bogus investment opportunity, then you can report the post by clicking this link and going through the quick and easy steps to complete and send your report. When you report a scammer this way in Facebook, then the user might be blocked by Facebook from having an account in this social media platform, or from using their advertising network.

Another way that you can do in Facebook to report a scammer is by going to the profile page of the fraudster. There’s a link near the profile photo of the account owner. You can click this link and follow the succeeding steps provided by Facebook to report the crook.

There’s also a link in Facebook Messenger to report a scammer. You can use this link whenever you receive phishing messages with suspicious content and links. You can even block the user from sending other messages to you in the future, or from calling you through the voice chat features of Facebook Messenger.

Remember these things each time you visit Facebook, and you’ll be able to help make this social media platform a safer place to hang out when you report a scammer each time you encounter a potential scam post in this online community. Also sign up at BigScammers.Com to learn more updates about the latest variants of the many online scams in popular social media platforms today.