Knowing where to go when you want to report a scam is important information that every citizen should learn. Like many countries, Australia is also a constant target of different forms of scams which is causing huge amounts of losses to both their consumer and business sectors. In order to address this growing problem, various government agencies and platforms have been developed so victims who want to report fraud can easily reach out and give information regarding the scam that they wish to complain about.

Scams come in different forms and can affect different types of business and individuals. It does not discriminate based on age or gender; they simply grab every opportunity that they can to exploit other people’s resources. Many of these scams can cause serious damage if you are not careful and the only way that you can protect yourself is by keeping informed and by knowing how to report a scam. To give you some idea on how to report a scam, you may check out the details below;

How to Report a Scam in Australia

  • Report Buying or Selling Scams

To report a scam on buying or selling both on and offline you may go to Scamwatch. Scamwatch was primarily developed to help keep businesses and individuals updated about the latest scams in the market.  The Scamwatch is managed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in partner with Australian Consumer Fraud Taskforce (ACFT). All the information reported at Scamwatch is utilized by these two agencies to identify the latest threats in the market. Once these threats have been identified the ACCC and ACFT will work closely with the relevant industries to create necessary protective measures that will prevent these malicious schemes from causing any further damage.

  • Report Identity Fraud Scams

To report a scam pertaining to identity fraud, you may access various agencies. One of the agencies that you can go to is ACORN or Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network. ACORN is a government agency designed to provide online reporting platform for victims of cybercrime. All reports submitted to their website are carefully evaluated by their scam experts. Scam experts decide based on certain categories if the report can and should be forwarded to the law enforcement agency for follow up investigation. Once your report has been forwarded to the law enforcers, it is now up to them to coordinate with you. Another agency that you can report identity fraud to is the IDCARE. IDCARE offers national identity & cyber support service to victims of identity fraud from Australia and New Zealand. All you have to do is fill up their request form so you can access their service. Once the IDCARE receives your request, you will be given free service from their Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors and Analysts. These are trained experts who helped thousands of identity fraud victims recover their identity and reduce the negative effects of the said scam.

The details provided will come in handy when you want to report a scam similar to the ones mentioned above.