Scammers and organized crime syndicates use unique sets of tactics and schemes for making their money scams more believable in the eyes of their intended victims. These make their money making scams and fake investment opportunities look and sound different in certain ways. They do this to ensure that their offers and systems won’t be branded and flagged as scams due to their similarities to previously exposed fraudulent Internet schemes. That’s because they can victimize more users when they do this.

However, there are specific recognizable patterns that they can’t deviate from. For example, they need to require the use of certain cash-only transmitters and service providers, in order to ensure that the transactions are irreversible, untraceable and anonymous. They also need to operate in various countries where international laws and regulations for cyber fraud and online money scams are almost non-existent. This is to ensure that they have multiple layers of protection and security against identification, exposure and persecution.

Knowing these recognizable patterns can help you quickly identify and flag potential money scams and online fraud. You can then take a closer look and investigate the Internet offers and schemes that you encounter in your day-to-day activities on the Web, in order to verify the authenticity of the claims in those offers and the reputation or credibility of the users and groups that are promoting those opportunities.

So, what are these recognizable patterns? Found below are some of the most prevalent ones that can be observed from how scammers and organized criminal groups are currently operating their most recent money scams this year:

Recognizable Patterns in the Latest Money Scams This Year

  1. Claims of Unbelievable Returns – You might have noticed that reputable banks have the most reasonable investment offers in the world. That’s because they carefully study their investment tactics and strategies, which is one of the main reasons why they continue to grow as powerhouses in relevant banking and finance industries. On the other hand, scammers and organized crime groups offer very lucrative, often unbelievable investment returns. For example, money-flipping scams that have been circulating in popular social media platforms like Facebook and InstaGram promise tenfold investment returns in a matter of days. Watch out for similar claims, since if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
  1. Profit Guarantees – No business in the world can guarantee any profit, not even the biggest corporations anywhere across the globe. Business is a creative and iterative process that’s greatly affected by uncontrollable external factors like global and local economics, politics, social behavior of small and large-scale communities among others. Competition is also an often-unpredictable factor that can significantly affect the success or failure of a business. So, if you encounter any offer on the Web, or even offline, that guarantee profits, then those are most likely money scams, so steer clear from them.
  1. Limited Investment Transfer Methods – As mentioned earlier, the fundamental objective of any scammer or organized crime syndicate is to stay under the radar. They need to avoid identification and exposure at all times. This is why they use anonymous cash-only service providers and money transmitters, along with prepaid debit cards, gift cards and money packs when they want you to transfer your investments to them for their money scams.

Keep these things in mind whenever you’re browsing the Internet to look for possible investment opportunities. This can help you quickly recognize potential money scams and avoid them before it’s too late. In addition, sign up at BigScammers.Com to receive updates and alerts about the newest forms of money scams at the moment.