Many cybersecurity experts and anti-Web crime specialists consider the Dark Web as a platform that promotes Internet fraud. They claim that since the time the Dark Web was made available on the Internet, incidents of online crimes and Web scams also increased. They also claim that this platform makes it harder for the proper authorities of anti-cybercrime offices of public and private organizations to identify and catch solo crooks and organized crime syndicates that commit fraudulent schemes on the Web.

So, what exactly is the Dark Web? Well, as mentioned earlier, it’s an online platform with websites and online applications that can’t be indexed by Internet search engines like Google. Some say that websites and tools in the Dark Web can’t be tracked through traditional technologies used by anti-cybercrime specialists and government agents. This makes it difficult if not impossible to trace the whereabouts of the organized crime groups and solo fraudsters who commit Internet fraud, according to many of these Web security specialists.

How Does the Dark Web Promote Internet Fraud?

Many fraudsters and crime groups use the Dark Web to buy and sell prohibited goods and services. These include illegal firearms, drugs and porn, along with software cracking, escort services and the like. A lot of the goods in the Dark Web are stolen products from the Internet fraud operations of these crooks, such as products purchased from legitimate ecommerce sites and Web stores through stolen credit cards, hacked bank accounts and so on.

That’s mainly why the Dark Web continues to spawn more criminals and organized syndicates to commit Internet fraud – It provides a platform where they can buy and sell illegal goods and services without the risk of exposure and incarceration. They also use bitcoins to transact on the Dark Web. This is a digital currency that can be fully anonymous and technically impossible to reverse. These are some of the main reasons why a lot of criminals, though not all, use bitcoins for illegitimate transactions.

A proposed solution to quickly curb the rise of Internet fraud because of the Dark Web is by encouraging users like you to report illegitimate activities, potentially malicious technologies and possible online scams. Many agents of public and private anti-cybercrime organizations around the world are keeping a close look-out at the Dark Web. This means the relevant information that can be supplied by victims of Web crimes and online scams can help them in their monitoring activities.

Another way is to anonymously post scam complaints and Web crime reports in sites like BigScammers.Com. This will educate other users about the latest tactics and schemes that are used by scammers and organized crime groups to commit similar types of Internet fraud. They’ll be able to identify the most effective ways to avoid Web crimes or correct the problems caused by the most prevalent types of online crimes today.

They’ll also be capable of quickly recognizing potential scams, Internet fraud schemes and social manipulation tactics. This can in turn help them safely avoid being lured straight into the cyber traps of crooks and organized crime syndicates. Sites like BigScammers.Com also offer a convenient way to receive instant email notifications whenever a victim posts a scam complaint or files a Web crime report in the online community. These real time alerts are also sent each time someone posts a comment, which are usually helpful pieces of advice from cyber security experts.