Preparing a fraud investigation is a significant part of a successful investigation. This type of investigation is often held in secret in order to keep the fraudsters from disappearing. There are many things that you need to prepare in order to achieve this type of effect during investigations. Just like in any battle, coming prepared increases your efficiency and the chance of achieving your set goal, which in this case is getting the culprit. This is the reason why you should come prepared when you conduct an investigation.

A fraud investigation aims to identify the criminal behind a fraud and reveal the extent of damage or losses that has been incurred by the company or a victim due to the malicious scheme. Of course chances are the criminal will simply brush off all of your accusations unless you have evidence and other relevant information that can confirm their involvement in the crime. This is why you must start the investigation prepared and equipped so you can prevent the criminal from getting the chance to get away with their crime. To give you some idea on how to prepare for an investigation, see the tips below:

Tips on How to Prepare for a Fraud Investigation

  • Make sure that you have the element of surprise, meaning keep all the preparations quiet and discreet in order to avoid tipping off the fraudsters. Once a fraudster discovers that you are onto them chances are all the evidence will slowly disappear before you even begin the investigation.
  • Gather all the documents that will establish that a fraud is being committed or was committed. You can use it as an undeniable evidence. It would be best if you can find a document that will directly link them to the fraud. This should be useful material during the actual investigation.
  • Gathering witness is one of the most challenging parts since you can never tell whether your target witness is actually from the fraudster’s camp. So as much as possible, do a background check of all the people you plan to invite as key witnesses.
  • Meet the key people that have to be in the fraud investigation so you can lay out the plan on how you will approach the fraudster or fraudsters. Consult legal or the HR department if applicable. Remember to inform your security team in case things get out of hand and they may need to come in. Remind them also to keep a close watch on the people who will be investigated.
  • Plan your questions so you can direct the investigation more efficiently. The faster you ask the questions, the less time the fraudster has to plan their answer so chances are they’ll mess up which will confirm that they are lying.
  • Make sure that all the tools you will be using during the fraud investigation are ready. The last thing you need is a low battery on a video recorder when the fraudster is just about to confess.

The details provided here are just some of the key tips that you can follow when preparing for fraud investigation. Conducting fraud investigation is a serious matter and is associated with serious consequences, which is why you should learn to proceed with caution.