There are many reasons why you should report dating scams. Many victims of dating scam often miss the opportunity to recover from their bad online dating experience because they fail to report dating scam that they experienced. The truth is, there are many programs that you can access to help you address dating scam problems, but first you must start to report date scams in order to access assistance.

This is the reason why the government and other related industries are encouraging victims to report dating scams. In fact, many non-government and government agencies are so determined to end the growing problems with dating scams that they started creating various ways and methods to make discreet reporting of dating scams possible. To give you more idea why you should report datings scams, check out the details below;

  • When you report dating scams you begin to recover from your bad experience and feel empowered. There are various agencies where you can report date scams. These agencies can help you go after the fraudster so you can hold them liable for their scheme.
  • You can now report date scams faster and easier. Some victims of dating scam are hesitant to file a complaint because they are ashamed of their experience. Although this should not be the case, it is inevitable for victims of dating scam to feel this way. So to ensure that you still have an option despite the fact, the government and other non-government agencies have opened up fraud reporting channels online, which you can access 24/7. You can report dating scams to these websites at your own convenience and whenever you feel comfortable to discuss the matter.
  • When you report dating scams you also help spread awareness on the online dating community of an on going malicious scheme that may take advantage of them. This warning can help save other people from going through the same traumatic experience as you did.
  • Government authorities can also help refer you to charitable organizations who are dedicated to helping dating scam victims. This charitable organization provides free counselling for emotional support and free legal advice to help you advance your case against the fraudster responsible for the dating scam you experienced.
  • You may also report dating scams to dating scam forums.  Sharing your experience to this type of platform can introduce you to other people who have had similar experience. You can get suggestions and recommendations from this people on how you should move forward with your case.
  • When you report date scams you get access to added protection provided by the government to fraud victims such as waiving any future criminal and legal liabilities that the dating scam incident may cause you. In some cases, dating scam fraudster uses the identity of their victims to commit other illegal activities. Your report can serve as a proof that you did not authorize the use of your identity and is not in any way involved in the criminal and legal violations that the fraudster committed using your name.

The details provided above are just some of the reasons why you should report dating scams.