Scammers will not stop scamming you until you put an end to their deeds. Don’t believe them if they say that they are reformed! You will get sucked back right into their romance scams for a second time. They may even convince you to travel around the world for them. If you do visit them, you will lose a lot of your money and in some cases you may compromise your safety. It is dangerous to meet your prospective partner as you may get dragged into the scamming business yourself and be held responsible for their wrongdoings.

To understand these scams better, you should read victim’s stories as it will help you in understanding what they go through due to romance scams. The scammers don’t stop at anything to make more money and this is quite a large business that can be associated with terrorism and other nefarious lifestyles. Save your money, time, sanity and even your life by avoiding scams from the offset.

Scam baiting or scam backing shouldn’t be a means of revenge for you. The risk in doing this is being sucked back right into the romance scams and you don’t want that right?

The Dangers

  • Whether you know it or not, you are conversing with a person who has an unlawful connection.
  • Your computer may be hacked and they will have an access to all your personal information (identity theft) plus they can also install viruses into your computer.
  • The scammers don’t like it when their money flow is interrupted. These romance scams are not a game for them!
  • Scam backing might be a good idea to waste their time, but it doesn’t solve your problem.

Steps to Take

  • You should cease contact with the scammer immediately! Ignore their instant messages, block their email address and avoid their phone calls.
  • Contact Western Union to check if the payment you have made has been picked up or not.
  • Document all your conversations! Keep the originals for you and give the rest of them to different reporting agencies. Just keep anything that is relevant as evidence of the romance scams.
  • Contact your bank’s fraud department if you think that a deposited check is fraudulent.  
  • Contact your Post Office/Postal Carrier and ask them not to deliver any packages at your work/home. Also if you receive any money order and checks at your Post Office, just make a report and turn them over.
  • Contact your Post Office/Postal Carrier if you have ever sent any packages or letter to your scammer. Keep the shipping packages or envelopes for evidence.
  • Contact all the companies that have sent you merchandise or gifts and inform them that all the things were purchased on a stolen credit card and make the necessary arrangements.
  • Contact your Police Department of your locality, they may not be able to take the necessary action but at least you will have a paper trail of your scam.

Don’t let anyone fool you online! Be safe and make many people aware of romance scams!