Reporting identity fraud is not only an obligation to yourself, it is also your obligation to other people who may become a victim of the same scheme. Identity fraud is not only a problem in the US, it is also a big problem in Australia. In fact, this scheme is causing Australian citizens $1 billion worth of losses every year. Due to the alarming amount of losses and the number of identity fraud incidents, the Australian government has launched various initiative programs to address the problem.

Identity fraud occurs when a fraudster uses your stolen information so they can benefit from your good financial and credit standing. Fraudsters who commit identity fraud is primarily opportunist. They use the name of their victim so they can gain access to the privileges offered to their victims. In some instances, a more serious form of identity fraud is committed by cyber criminals. Some cyber criminal use stolen identity so they can leave the country and run away from their criminal liabilities, while others commit identity fraud so they can conduct illegal drug trade, prostitution and other criminal acts without revealing their own identity. This is how serious identity fraud cases can get which is why reporting identity fraud is a must.

One of the Australian government programs against identity fraud is the use of Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate. This certificate can only be obtained by a victim through reporting identity fraud. After reporting identity fraud and all of the victim’s claims have been proven valid, the victim may avail of this certificate. The certificate will be provided by the state who has jurisdiction over the victim reporting identity fraud.

How to Avail Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate

To receive the Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate you have to be able to prove that you are a victim of Commonwealth identity crime. As a victim, you will need to apply for this certificate. To apply, you will need to download and fill up the application for Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate and sign a copy of the Commonwealth statutory declarations. Note that the magistrate may refuse to issue a certificate if there is not enough evidence to support the claim of the victim reporting identity fraud.

How Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate Helps Victims Reporting Identity Fraud

The Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate contains information about the victim and how identity fraud affected the victim’s circumstance. The certificate serves as proof that the Commonwealth recognizes that you were a victim of Commonwealth identity crime. Using this certificate, victims of identity fraud should be able to set the record straight and re-establish the good standing of their identity both in personal and business level.

Most of the victims reporting identity fraud are stepping up so they can avail government programs like this.  This certificate helps identity fraud victims prove their innocence and separate their true selves from the fraudsters using their identity. This type of proof is important, especially if the fraudster who stole your identity is using your name and resources to commit heinous crimes that could implicate you. Reporting identity fraud will show that you have nothing to do with these malicious activities and that you are a victim of identity fraud.