Before you can report girlfriend scams, you must first learn to identify them. There are different types of girlfriend scams. These different types were all created by fraudsters, so they can continuously find more victims and avoid being easily identified or detected immediately. Every year tons of ne malicious schemes used by girlfriend fraudsters are being reported. In fact, without the help of the victims reporting about these malicious schemes it is almost impossible to keep track of all the tactics that they are currently using.

Every year, millions of dollars worth of losses are incurred by victims of online dating scams. This is the reason why the government is tirelessly campaigning for all the victims to step forward and report what they know about these malicious schemes so authorities can find the fraudsters faster and save other potential victims from suffering the same traumatic experience. But before you can take part in this campaign, you must first learn what you need to report about. To give you an idea, here is a list of the most common girlfriend scams that you can report:

Report Girlfriend Scams

  • Plane Ticket/Visa Scam

Although plane ticket or Visa scam is a common type of girlfriend scam many men in the online dating community still fall for the same trick. Victims who report girlfriend scams of this nature often realized that they have been scammed after the fraudster fail to show up at the airport as they promised, but before that, the victims have already lost thousands of dollars trying to comply with every requirement the fraudster asked for.  The most common excuse of fraudsters using this scheme is they need money to pay for the ticket. Once you have paid for their ticket, the next excuse is they need grease money for the Visa. After you provide money for the Visa, they’ll come up with another excuse so you’ll give more money. This cycle will keep on going until you finally decide to stop sending money. The fraudster will then begin to lose interest in your relationship and just stops communicating, leaving you thousands of dollars poorer.

  • Family Emergency Scam

According to victims who report girlfriend scams like this, they only realized that they were scammed when the fraudster began to disengage after they decided to stop sending money. Fraudsters who commit this type of scam usually begin their scheme by establishing a romantic relationship with their target victims. Once they gain the trust of their victims, they begin to open up about  a sick family member who needs to undergo a medical procedure.  The fraudster will then ask you to lend her some money so they can move forward with the operation. After you give money for the operation, the fraudster will continue asking for money to buy medicine or other relevant excuse. This scheme will only end once you start refusing to send money, which also ends your fake relationship with the fraudster.

  • Allowance Scam

Victims who report girlfriend scams of this nature rarely file a report about the scam, since fraudsters who use this tactic usually get a few hundred dollars and then move on to their next victim. A fraudster who uses this tactic usually targets older men in dating sites. The fraudster usually poses as a college student. Once they catch the interest of their victim, they begin to disengage claiming that she can no longer pay for the Internet service so staying in contact might be difficult, unless you want to lend her some money so she can pay for the Internet connection. After, you send the money the fraudster will simply stop communicating, which indicates that you have been scammed. The fraudster will then move on to their next victim using a different name this time, but with an almost similar tactic.

The details provided above are some of the most common types of girlfriend scams. The only way you can report girlfriend scams faster and more efficiently, is by familiarizing yourself with its most common types and learning about the usual tactics that they use to commit fraud.