Knowing how to report phishing websites is a crucial aspect of web use, especially if you are regularly conducting important transactions online. Despite the convenience offered by online access, many people still prefer to make their important transactions offline due to various threats circulating the Internet such as phishing scams.

Phishing websites are primarily used by scammers in order to unsuspectingly get the information of their target victims. Scammers usually initiate their attack by sending out email to random potential victims. They use this email to bait victims, leading them to the phishing site that they set up. The phishing site usually requires the victims to unsuspectingly provide personal information, online banking credentials or even credit card information. Scammers use the information to steal from the victims or sell these information to other cyber criminals who are looking for fake identities that they can exploit. This is the reason why it’s important to learn how to report phishing websites so you have a defense system in case you become a victim of these phishing attacks. To give you some tips on how to report phishing websites, check out the suggestions below:

Tips on How to Report Phishing Websites

  • Compile a soft and hard copy of all your correspondence with the phisher. This includes all the emails, chat and messaging that you exchanged with the phisher. This will serve as the supporting document for your claim.
  • Get a screenshot of the phishing website that you wish to report. Remember to include the URL so authorities can check the websites themselves by using the same URL.
  • Check out forums and online blogs regarding reports on a similar incident. This can help you build your case. It also offers a better picture regarding the extent of the scam and may also include additional crucial information regarding the phishing attack.
  • Check out the list of government agencies where you can report phishing websites. Find out how you can reach out to these agencies and how they can help you with your concern. There are certain government websites where you can file a complaint or report regarding phishing without having to visit their actual office. All you have to do is fill out the complaint form provided on their website and upload copies of proof or evidence supporting your claim.
  • Find out the requirements of the government agencies where you wish to report phishing websites. Most of these government agencies are not allowed to conduct their own investigation. However, they are the ones in charge of screening all the complaints and reports filed on their website. The screening process determines which complaint has substantial evidence and can be forwarded to local authorities, so make sure to answer all the questions and to provide as much useful information as you can when you report phishing websites.
  • Depending on your purpose, you may also look into non-government site or forums where you can report phishing websites. This option is highly applicable if you want to alert more people about the phishing website that you encountered.
  • Keep a copy of all the report and evidences that you submitted to any government and non-government agencies. You can use this copy for your reference in case authorities contact you for further clarification regarding your complaint.

The details provided above can help you how to properly report phishing websites.