Learning to identify the indicators phishing websites can save you a great deal of trouble. Victims of phishing sites often incur high losses, declines in credit rating and even criminal and legal liabilities. These are serious problems that can cause major disruption in one’s life. Although these effects can be reversed with the help of certain government programs, your best option would still be to avoid being caught in their trap altogether, so you don’t have to go through the stressful process of recovering your identity.

Phishing websites are primarily set to illegally gather information from their victims. By creating a deceptive websites fraudsters are able to conceal their dubious intentions and manipulate their victims into willingly providing their personal and financial information. Knowing the indicators of phishing sites can give you the advantage that you need in order to avoid phishing scams.

Recognizing Phishing Websites

  • One of the key indicators of phishing websites is they often use a faulty URL. Sine the URL is unique to every Web page and website, it would be impossible for a phishing site to use the same URL. Instead, phishing site uses special characters that closely resemble the URL of the legit site it aims to copy. This may include dashes, numbers or other special characters.
  • Be wary of website URLs that are sent to you via email. One of the primary ways fraudsters is keeping their phishing sites from the prying eyes of the authorities is by privately luring their victims into the site by sending out emails to their target victims. This is why you should be wary of opening emails from unknown sender. You must always confirm their authenticity by calling directly to the company that the sender claims to be affiliated with.
  • Websites offering free trial subscription for their services. These websites usually offer services or digital products that are of an illegal nature, such as copy of movies that are still in the cinema or a downloadable crack version of various programs. Fraudsters encourage this type of illegal activities on their website so that their victims would think twice reporting them.
  • Note that most phishing websites include disclosing your credit card, bank and personal information. Given this, you need to always be wary of disclosing your information to any website that you are not familiar with since this is how these fraudsters usually get through to their victims.

The details provided above are among the key indicators of phishing websites. Determining fake phishing sites from the legit ones can be so much easier if you know these key indicators. Phishing websites can only harm you if you let them, which is usually the result of lack of awareness or being misinformed. To ensure that you don’t willingly walk into these traps you must make a conscious effort to educate yourself about these malicious scams such as phishing websites.