Regardless of the country, if you are a business owner, you must know where you can report business fraud attacks. Business fraud attacks often result in business losses one way or another. A good example of this scenario is online businesses who have been attacked by credit card fraudsters resulting in numerous chargebacks, refunds or disputes. As a result an online business may lose their merchant account, which can prevent them from accepting online credit card payments. This situation is closely similar to not being able to operate at all which can lead to business closure. This is how serious business fraud attacks are.

Because of this, the government of Australia has taken the initiative to help businesses address the problem by opening up facilities where victims can report fraud attacks that their company experienced. To give you some idea of the government agencies where you can report fraud committed against your business, see the list below;

  • Scamwatch

The primary role of Scamwatch is to provide updated information about the latest scams used against consumers and businesses. Aside from this, you may also report business fraud attacks that you experienced through this site.  Scamwatch is under the direct management of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The site was launched to provide consumers and businesses a reliable information resource center regarding the different types of fraud affecting Australians and how to combat these fraud attacks. When you report fraud to this website a designated moderator will be in charge of reviewing the details of your report. The moderator shall decide whether to forward your report to authorities or use it as an information resource to warn others about the business fraud you encountered such as phishing scam or credit card fraud.

  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission or ASIC is another government office in Australia where you can report fraud attacks. One example of business fraud that you can report to ASIC is scammers using your company name to sell bogus stocks or bogus investment opportunities. You may report business fraud attacks like this to ASIC so they can conduct their own investigation and take necessary action to catch the culprit. This fraud tactic is a common scheme utilized by scammers targeting people who are looking for a reliable investment opportunity. They usually use a legit business name to sell their malicious scheme without raising any suspicion. Afterwards, they’ll just disappear and before you know it tons of complaint have already been filed against your business name.

  • Australian Taxation Office

The Australian Taxation Office or ATO is a government website where you can report business fraud attacks related to fake tax claims. Scammers impersonating tax collection agent in order to extort money from your business are committing fraud against your business. You may report business fraud attacks like this to ATO.  ATO can conduct their own investigation based on the information you provided in order to find the fraudsters behind the malicious scheme, saving other business from becoming the next victim of a similar scam.

The details provided above are among the government agencies in Australia where you can report business fraud attacks.