Reporting dating scams to websites like Big Scammers allows you to reach out to more people in the online dating community. One of the reasons why victims of dating scams report their experience is so they can help other people in the dating community become aware of a circulating threat in online dating. Meaning, the more people know or learn about the dating scam that they wish to report the better, since it means more people are benefiting from the report.

One of the reasons why dating scams is a serious matter is because aside from losses, many victims also suffer greatly from emotional distress or being heartbroken. This experience can be so traumatic you wouldn’t want others to go through the same experience. This is one of the reasons why a victim of this type of scam is eager to share their experience. They see reporting dating scams as a way to make the dating community a safer and better place.

Big Scammers is one of the websites that understand the feelings of many fraud victims. This is the reason why they offer a safe and easy to access platform where victims reporting dating scams can share their experience. And because this site is open to all more people will be able to access your report and learn about the dating scam you experienced. Big Scammers shares the purpose to provide useful information about different fraudulent activities happening all over the world. To give you can use Big Scammers for reporting dating scams, see the details below:

  • First, you must sign up with the site. The signup process is pretty much straightforward and only takes less than a minute to complete. Note that reporting dating scams will only be possible if you are a member of this site.
  • An email will be sent to you after sign up. You need to click on the verification link provided by scammers in your email. Once your account has been verified you can finally proceed reporting dating scams.
  • Big Scammers offers an online complaint platform that is filled with questions. You will use this form to provide details about your experience with dating scams. The questions are there to guide you as you provide details of your experience. The answers to these questions are usually the most crucial information about the scam.
  • At the end of the form, you will be asked whether you’d be willing to share your report to the readers of the website or if you are simply reporting. Big Scammers has dedicated moderators who evaluate the report of members who want to have their scam report published on the site. The moderators will be the ones to decide which ones can be published and which ones will be utilized as a reference.

This is how reporting dating scams at Big Scammers website works. Note that aside from publishing scam report, Big Scammer also offers tips and solutions on how to avoid becoming a victim of various malicious schemes. Big Scammers usually gets these tips and ideas from the scam reports filed by its members. This is the reason why Big Scammers also support reporting dating scams on their site so they can help victims find solutions on how to avoid the same problem from happening again.