Do you want to avoid dating scams? They’re becoming one of the most common types of scams, so it’s critical to take steps to protect yourself from such “romance scams.” The reason is they can affect your finances, identity, and even your safety. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  1. It’s always about more money

We all need money to pay bills and keep the lights on. However, there’s a problem when you meet someone online, and the relationship seems to be based on money. In other words, if your “lover” is always asking for money it’s a red flag that you might be involved in dating scams.

This is especially true if he/she asks for money at the beginning of the relationship. In theory, the relationship should come before the money. To make their scam less obvious people will often build trust between you and them before they ask for money. They might even ask for money within days of meeting you.

There’s nothing wrong with helping someone out, but if the relationship seems to be based on money, it’s a red flag you might be dealing with dating scams. It’s even more likely if the person keeps asking for money but isn’t willing to talk on a phone, meet in person, etc.

  1. Phony Photos

Here’s another clear sign that you might be dealing with dating scams. For example, sometimes the profile picture doesn’t seem to match up with the person’s physical description. That’s a problem.

Another thing to watch out for is when the same picture keeps showing up. For example, if the picture they send you is the same one as their profile image it’s a possible sign you’re dealing with a scam.

  1. Asks to “borrow” money

This is often a sign the person just wants you to give them money. Be careful if they ask to borrow early in the relationship.

  1. Phone games

Today people are busier than ever. Technology has improved greatly since the days of answering machines. It shouldn’t be a problem to contact someone you met through a phone. However, if you call the number posted in the person’s profile info and you get voice mail 100% of the time, it’s a warning sign that you might be dealing with a company/scam instead of an actual person.

  1. Questions about salary

In many cultures, it’s simply rude to ask someone about their salary. While it’s socially acceptable in some cultures, it’s still usually uncommon after you’ve just met someone. If your online lover asks early about your salary, then it’s another red flag that they might be more interested in your money than you.

Another warning sign of dating scams is if you decline to share that information and they insist or get belligerent. In both cases, it’s a sign that you should probably end the relationship as soon as possible. A relationship built on money usually doesn’t last.

These are some of the warning signs if you want to protect yourself from dating scams.