Like most countries, Canada is plagued with different top scams. These online scams are causing serious amounts of losses to the Canadian people, despite all the efforts of the government and various organizations within their country.

To help people and businesses address their concerns, the Canadian government has set up a centralized online fraud reporting website. Canadians may use this site to report scam incidents that they encounter or directly experienced. Authorities use this as a primary source of information when conducting an investigation against any type of scam.  It is through this reporting site that authorities are able to have a clear picture about the top scams plaguing their country. To give you an idea about the top scams in Canada, see the list below:

List of Top Scams in Canada

  • CRA Income Tax Scam

The income tax scam is also a major problem in Canada, making it one of their top scams. Numerous people reported that they have been a victim of income tax scam. This type of report is usually prevalent during the tax month, however this time, reports kept pouring all year round.

Income tax scam is usually communicated via phone call or mail. A person impersonating a tax officer will usually claim that you have unpaid overdue taxes. A specific instruction on how you can settle this overdue balance is provided in the email. The scammer requires you to pay immediately or within a limited period of time otherwise lawsuit will be filed against you due to tax evasion. This type of threatening messages causes target victims to panic and submit to the demands of the scammer without checking the validity of the email or the claim filed against the victim.

  • Cat-Phishing Scam

Cat phishing scam is another one of the top scams in Canada. This type of scam preys on people who are into online dating sites. Although many victims of this scam are reluctant to file complaints it is still one of the most reported scams in Canada, causing millions of dollar worth of losses.

Cat phishing scam preys on the lonely who are seeking to find a romantic partner through these of   digital dating platforms. The scammer using this malicious scheme usually establishes a romantic bond with their victims as their means of gaining trust. Once the scammer feels that their victim is already into them, they begin to make up excuses to extort money from their victims. They carry on like this as long as the victim is willing to comply. Once the victim refuses to give money, the scammer will also start to break away from their relationship.

  • Secret Shopper Scam

Secret shopper scam is one of the top scams circulating in Canada. Scammers usually find their victims by checking out profiles from various job sites or by sending random emails to potential victims. This gives them access to Canadians who are looking for job opportunities and because unemployment is high, it is expected that many people will be interested to get a job with a great offer.

Secret shopper scam usually works by hiring the victim first and then sending out a check that they can use to pay for the shopping or service that they need to observe. Later the scammer will claim that there has been a mistake in the amount of the check issued to the victim so they will be instructed to send some of the money back. The victim will later find out that the check sent by the company is a fake, and the excess amount that the victim sent back to the scammer is already gone.

These are just a few of the top scams causing major losses in Canada.