Phishing scams have been causing a major disruption in the lives of many individuals and businesses.  Due to this growing concern, various methods of security measures are currently being introduced and undertaken to protect themselves against any future phishing attacks.

There are different types of phishing scams, each of which is specifically designed to help fraudsters unsuspectingly gather confidential information from their victims. This information includes personal details or financial login information. The fraudster then uses this information to advance their malicious intent, such as identity theft or access to their victim’s credit and financial resources.

Throughout the years, scammers using this tactic have continuously developed various tactics that will allow them to exploit the vulnerabilities of existing online business facilities and services. Because of this, government and private institutions are always busy keeping up with new threats being introduced by the scammers, creating more reliable and safer systems that will help block phishing attacks. These efforts lead to the development of the two factor authentication process.

The two factor authentication process or 2FA is the most recent authentication tool being utilized in various industries to provide an additional layer of security and protection to consumers or users of a specific service.  One of the primary ways this security process is delivered is through text messaging. Each time a client logs into their account they will be required to enter a second authentication code which will be sent to the client’s registered mobile number. This way, even if a phisher gets access to your login details they won’t be able to successfully access your account without the second authentication code.

Another 2FA process is through the use of a keychain. This keychain is usually provided by the business or a service provider such as banks or government offices. The keychain automatically generates random 2FA codes with, which users can use and the second authenticator code after they login to their online account.

The 2FA method does not only keep your account safe from phishing scams, it can also serve other security concerns. One example is, it can serve as an alert system whenever someone is attempting to login to your account. This gives you the chance to change your login information and report the incident to authorities. The 2FA process is not only provided to clients and consumers, even businesses who are handling sensitive information are using this method to secure access within their company.

As of today, 2FA is one of the most reliable technology utilized by different banks and other service provider like Google to help clients keep their accounts and information safe from any forms of phishing scams. Although, there have been reports that the number of mobile hacking has since increase as more business began to adopt this security process.

Keeping yourself posted on the most recent development on technologies against phishing scams can help you find which solution will best suit your need in terms of keeping your accounts safe and secure.