Knowing how to report Internet scams in online dating is a must if you are planning to try your luck in this field. The online dating scam is one of the top scams that have caused big losses to many individuals in different countries. This is the reason that it is important for you to know how to report this type of scam before you consider joining the online dating community. To give you an idea how to report Internet scams on online dating, see the details below:

Tips on How to Report Internet Scams on Online Dating

  • To report Internet scams on online dating, you must first make sure to compile all the details pertaining to the individual or the scam that you wish to complain about. These include documents, correspondence, pictures and other relevant files that can help prove your claim that you are a victim of an online dating scam.
  • Do background research regarding the names and information is provided to you by the scammer. Chances are, this scammer also has other victims who can give you additional information to help you build your case.
  • Once you have all the relevant information prepared the next step is to find out which government agencies or private organizations will be willing to accept your complaint. Whether you are looking for an agency can help you catch the culprit or are simply filing a report to alert other potential victims, there is a right platform for you.
  • You may also opt to consult a legal adviser to help you construct your report or file a complaint with local authorities.
  • If you think the scammer has your personal information make sure to include this in your report. This can serve as your protection in the future in case the scammer uses your personal information to commit illegal activities such as identity theft.
  • Keep a copy of all the reports that you filed. This will come in handy for future reference. In case, authorities get back to you to send updates regarding your complaint.
  • Avoid any form or further communication with the scammer. There are incidents when the scammer attempts to reestablish communication with their victims to prevent them from filing a complaint against them. Do not entertain this type of communication, especially since many of online dating scammers are master manipulators. You don’t want the scammer to keep manipulating you again.
  • In case you feel traumatized, you may also access charitable organizations who are offering free counselling for victims who report Internet scams on online dating.

The details above are some of the useful tips that you can utilize to report Internet scams on online dating.