Online fraud targeting consumers represents billions of dollars lost every year on fake e-commerce portals, on fake internet auctions, on sub-standard merchandize and finally on one’s own finances. Fraud reporting helps in bringing the scam under the purview of law, in getting compensated for losses and in creating an awareness of fake websites and scammers. Some common types of e-commerce frauds and fraud reporting solutions are as follows:

Fraud reporting to Amazon

Listing requirements have been made very tough and standardized at, as a proactive step to prevent unscrupulous and fraudulent sellers getting aboard.

  • For identity frauds committed by way of sending spoofed emails misrepresenting, fraud reporting can be done at, which handles online fraud and phishing mails by way of false-propagating offers at Amazon.
  • All the mails from Amazon will end with If not, customers must resort to fraud reporting immediately.
  • If the shipment does not arrive, even after a reasonable wait, it is possible to contact the seller and in case it is difficult, shoppers can contact Amazon directly. In case of scams, Amazon will ensure that buyers are compensated.
  • In case any order confirmation is received for orders not placed, it is possible that your Amazon account has been hacked. Fraud reporting must be done immediately after ascertaining that fraud has happened by opening and checking the Amazon account.

Fraud reporting to eBay

eBay has become a popular ecommerce portal for buying and selling a vast range of consumer products with quality and affordability. However eBay scams are on the increase. Fraud Reporting to eBay involves the following:

  • eBay’s security center provides self-navigation on fraud reporting
  • If any fraudulent listing is found, it is possible to report the item directly from the listing
  • eBay has a number of fraud prevention option to safeguard the buyer from unscrupulous sellers who deceive buyers on payment.
  • Along with the user name and reference number of the illegitimate transaction, affected parties can approach the resolution center. The center is a mechanism that mediates between the buyer and the seller.

Fraud Reporting to Flipkart

Fraud reporting in Flipkart is easy and quick. There have been many instances where unscrupulous sellers list items that they do not even in stock, at strikingly low prices, to skim as many orders as possible. They delay the dispatch and flee with the money, as buyers wait for their shipments to come. Fraud Reporting can be done by:

  • Flipkart is not tolerant towards fraudulent sellers on its platform. Upon fraud reporting to Flipkart, if the seller is found guilty, his account is immediately suspended
  • If Flipkart find that any listing requirements have been faked or fabricated, then fraud reporting will lead to cancellation of the seller’s account.
  • Fraud reporting can also be done in case of pricing issues, ambiguities and when sellers do not get the required products. However, any faulty complaints by scammers wishing to defame Flipkart will also not be tolerated and strict legal proceedings will be instituted by Flipkart if the person is found guilty of lodging false complaints, which might lead to criminal prosecution.