It happens sometimes that we meet someone online and they instantly take our breath away. Before we even begin to understand what is happening, this person declares undying love for us and promises to fulfill all our wishes!

If anything looks too good to be true, particularly on the internet, then it probably is another example of a dating scam. Come to think of it, which person in their real mind falls in love so quickly?

Why are dating scams happening? Why doesn’t anybody report dating scams?

Keep the following red flags in mind while engaging with people on dating websites:

  • The person in the picture may look like a supermodel or have a professionally shot photo.
  • If a person sends you a message asking you to check their profile at a different website, then it is possibly a scammer.
  • If a man or a woman you have never interacted with, starts sending you messages which are extremely flirty in nature, then it could be a scammer.
  • A person sends you a message even when you haven’t filled out all the sections or have even uploaded a photo
  • The grammar in the profile is awful and doesn’t sound American at all. Most scammers are from non-English speaking countries and their English is not good.
  • If a person starts chatting with you and asks for information such as your address, phone number etc, then they may be trying to steal your identity. Report dating scams immediately by reporting their profile.
  • Most scammers target a person who is older than them. This is because most people feel flattered when they get attention from somebody who is younger.
  • If the person claims to be living abroad, they could be a scammer.
  • If their language sounds the same often. This is because scammers use a script with lines that work the best on victims.
  • If they avoid answering questions which you ask. This is a tactic so that you don’t ask them anymore.
  • If they offer paid services. Steer clear of such people completely. Report dating scams to the website concerned.
  • If they often use phrases or words like “true love” or “honesty” or “loving”
  • If they send messages like the following:
  • Send me your email address
  • You have a lovely smile
  • I want to get to know you better

What not to do in dating websites:

  • Never ever agree to meet a person after chatting just once or twice. Anything can happen with you. Your valuables could get stolen or you could even get kidnapped. If a person wants to meet you after chatting just once, report dating scams.
  • Never ever agree to travel to another country to meet an online love interest. Victims who have done this before were later found injured or were reported as missing.

Options to report dating scams can be found:

  • At the bottom of the dating profile
  • At the bottom of an email
  • In the contact section of the dating site
  • In the help section of that dating site