Did you know that more than 60 new phishing attacks were created and sent out every 30 minutes on average last year? That’s 2 phishing messages distributed to target recipients every minute! RSA FraudAction also indicated in their recent report that Americans were the intended victims of no less than 48% of all phishing attacks launched in 2016. A lot of unsuspecting users fell for these scams, and most of them ended up with unauthorized transactions in their credit cards, ruined credit scores,  wrongful accusations of serious legal complications and so on. However, not too many of them decided to report a scammer. Here are some reasons why:

First, not a lot of users know that sites like Big Scammers can allow them to anonymously post scam complaints and file Web crime reports in the user-generated content repository of this online community. Most of them are hesitant to include their personal details in their reports, so they just don’t report a scammer whenever they’re victimized by these fraudsters.

Second, most users think it’s just a waste of time to report a scammer since nothing would come out of it. That attitude is also what empowers criminals, online or offline, to continue with what they’re doing. There are in fact a lot of helpful things that you can gain when you file scam complaints and Web crime reports in Big Scammers, one of which is for protecting your family and friends against the same criminals who victimized you. Another is to get valuable advice and actionable tips from online security experts for recovering your lost money, clearing up your name and reputation, etc.

Third, some victims who know about sites like BigScammers.com think it’s a tedious process to report a scammer in this online community. Well, it’s quite quick and easy to do this, and to help you out – Here are the simple steps on how you can do this in Big Scammers:

How to Report a Scammer in Big Scammers

  1. Go to BigScammers.com and register for an account. Your personal details will always be kept secure, private and anonymous when you report a scammer. You can also opt to provide as much detail as you want in your scam complaints and Web crime reports.
  2. Before you can go ahead and report a scammer in this online community, you’ll need to simply click the link in a confirmation email. This is sent out right after you register for an account.
  3. Go back to BigScammers.com and report a scammer. Fill out the complaint report form with the details that you want to mention. These can include the alias, email address and phone number of the fraudster who scammed you. You can also include the Web platform or app where you encountered the scammer, among other useful details that can allow other users to investigate further and steer clear from similar scams.
  4. Review the details that you entered in the complaint report form. Make sure to check if you mentioned how the scammer initiated contact with you, since this is very helpful for other users. Click the submit button, and that’s it – You’ve successfully used the report a scammer feature of Big Scammers.

By registering for an account in Big Scammers before using their report a scammer feature, you’ll also receive instant notifications and real time fraud alerts in your email inbox. These are sent out each time a user posts or updates the content in this website’s user-generated repository. This allows you to learn about the exact tactics and schemes that are used by crooks and organized crime syndicates for their latest scams. In This can in turn enable you to devise more suitable ways to avoid similar scams.