Nowadays, you can also report a scam to a non-government website, whereas reporting a scam has traditionally been done using government sites. However, today, although filing a report with the local authorities is still often necessary, scam victims have more options regarding where to report a scam.

Since the government efforts are no longer enough to conquer the extent of scam incidents and damages caused by these malicious schemes, many private businesses or organizations have taken the initiative to create their own platform where victims of the scheme can report their experience and help educate other potential victims too.

One of these non-government initiatives is the Big Scammers website. Big Scammers offers an online platform where you can report a scam, regardless of its nature and whether it has been conducted on or offline. All the reports filed on the site are utilized to create informative materials that can help save more people from becoming the next victim of a scam.

To report a scam at Big Scammers follow the details below;

  • Sign up with Big Scammers. The registration process takes less than a minute to complete. Note that all your personal information will remain confidential unless you include them as part of your complaint report. A confirmation email will be sent to your email to confirm that you have successfully registered on the site.
  • Fill up the complaint report form. The complaint report form contains questions to ensure that you don’t miss any important information about the scam you are reporting. Remember to mention how the scammers initiated the communication. This is for the benefit of the readers.
  • Attach supporting documents or evidence relevant to the scam. This can be utilized as a reference for your scam report, which can give the readers a better idea on how the scam actually happened.
  • Review your report before clicking submit. When you report a scam its important that you provide the most recent updates regarding the incident.
  • After you submit your report, you will be given the option to allow Big Scammers to publish your report or contact you in case they have any questions.
  • Your report will then be reviewed by the site’s moderators. Moderators are in charge of determining whether your report is suitable for public posting.

As you can see reporting a scam at Big Scammers is pretty straightforward. The reporting system was specifically designed that way to encourage more fraud victims to report their experience.

When you report a scam to Big Scammers, you also share their goal to protect more people from becoming a victim of a malicious scheme, which is also similar to the goals of the government. The only difference between the two is how they utilize your report. Big Scammers open the reports that they receive to the public to serve as a warning, while the government uses scam reports as resource materials to aid law enforcers on their ongoing investigation. Either way, when you report a scam, you also share these agencies’ passion to serve the greater good.