Finding a partner online has become highly convenient thanks to the number of exclusive dating websites and social media networks designed for mee. Once you get your online partner, you will start chatting through the online dating service and in time even hopefully form a meaningful relationship.

After chatting continuously for some time, you feel that you have established a strong bond and your love partner becomes sure that your trust and confidence have been won. Then, right out of the blue, persuasive requests come from your girlfriend, asking for money. The reason may be to meet certain emergency medical expenses of close relatives, short term lack of funds, or a looming personal crisis. If you encounter such a situation during your romantic experience, put a ‘full stop’ to the affair and report girlfriend scams to IC3, a wing of the FBI.

Filing Complaint with IC3

If you suspect of a dating scam or have already fallen victim and sent money to your purported girlfriend, report girlfriend scams to the Internet Crime Complaint. You may also file a complaint on behalf of a third party. But, be sure that your complaint contains accurate and complete information. As suggested by IC3, your complaint should provide the following information

  • Submit complaint at the site
  • Name, address, email, telephone or cell number of the Victim
  • Information related to financial transaction. It should include an account number and related information, the date of the transaction, the exact amount paid and the name and address of the recipient
  • Name, address, email, telephone number, IP address and website URL
  • Email headers
  • The detail event of your victimization
  • Any other information related to the event, which you believe will support your complaint

Travelling Overseas to Meet Online Girlfriend?

During the course of your online romance, you may get information that your girlfriend is missing, injured or severely sick. Because of your strong feeling of bondage, you may decide to travel overseas to meet your love partner. IC3 has the following suggestions under such circumstances.

  • Avoid travelling alone
  • Go through the travel advisories of the country you are planning to visit. You can get this from
  • Make a contact with the embassy of the United states, in the country, you are planning to visit
  • If you encounter any dangerous or harmful situation report girlfriend scams to IC3
  • For getting further information on romance and other online scams, visit

Empathy Triggers

They express their undying love for you by using romantic poems, verses, gifts and flowers. These are all meant to trigger your empathy. Then they use stories of severe, tragic events of life, injuries to themselves, and deaths in family, sudden crisis in business or profession. A real girlfriend, whom you have not yet met physically, will never go to the extent of asking you money on personal grounds. Be sure, it is a scam aimed at robbing you. Your best option will be to report girlfriend scams to IC3.