Before knowing the reason to report phishing websites, you need to under every aspect of ‘phishing’.

What is Phishing?

The phishing artists create and use emails and websites that are so designed and presented that they look like legitimate, trusted and well-known government agencies, businesses or financial  institutions.

With such pretentious identity, the phishing criminals try to gather financial, personal and sensitive information. Their approaches include a number of characteristics such as persuasive, enticing, pleasing, threatening, appealing, witting, deceiving and imitating.

These approaches are so tactfully presented that the unsuspecting victims are lured to disclose their personal information such as user names and passwords, information related to bank or credit cards.

The criminals may also make you to download malicious computer code, which if installed, facilitates access to your financial accounts. When you suspect that you have fallen victim to such unscrupulous activities, you must report phishing websites to appropriate authorities or agencies as mentioned below

  • Send the phishing email to
  • Send same email to the abuse email address of the spoofed company; as for instance
  • If you are being phished in the US send the mail to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and bring the same to the notice of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) to their website
  • IC3 is a Joint Venture to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and an NGO named National White Collar Crime Center (NWC3). These complaints are analyzed by the staff of IC3 and complaint data of investigative packages are provided to the FTC, prosecutors of metropolitan areas and local investigators
  • The Data Clearing House was devgelop0ed by the FTC in 1999 for establishing a centralized national repository for facilitating enforcement of law. Through the data base of the Cleaning house. Presently, more than 1000 laws enforcing agencies have online access to more than Identity Theft complaints through the Clearinghouse.
  • Keep the original email header intact while sending them to other agencies
  • In Canada, report phishing websites to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by filling a complaint on the website at This is website of Reporting Economic Crime Online (RECOL). You can information and necessary guideline on how to deal with the identity theft, For that, you have to contact the Phone Buster National Call center at

You can  also report phishing web sites to RECOL. It an integrated initiative, based on the internet and is partnered be among  enforcement agencies at federal, state, local and international levels and also regulators and private commercial organizations. RECOL also provides valuable data related to trends, consumer education, awareness and prevention of economic crimes

You can also report phishing websites to the following

  • Internet Explorer; by clicking the Report Unsafe Website
  • com by clicking the check box next to the message in our outlook inbox
  • Microsoft office Outlook 2010 and 2013, by right-clicking the suspicious message and pointing to the Junk and then click, report junk