Don’t let a scam artist take your money and steal your heart at the same time. Reporting dating scams can be the only way out when the prince of your dreams turns out to be a conman. Don’t let smooth talk cloud your judgment.

People have great success with internet dating. But scammers have even more success with online media when it comes to tricking people in a game of hearts and cunning deceit. With increased urban loneliness, people are often desperate to find the person of their dreams and often ignore warning signs. Don’t waste your time with online scammers. Read on to know when you should be reporting dating scams and when you know that you are nothing but a cash cow for prince charming.

#1 Vague Profiles

This is one of the first indications you need to be alert in reporting dating scams. The scammers make vague and ambiguous profiles to ensure that you fall for them. The terms are vague and appealing and more people will respond to them. For example, would you opt for a date with a 40-year-old dental surgeon or a “sensitive, friendly person”? If you chose the latter, the scammer has got what he or she wanted. Scammers will start by complimenting you on your looks and accomplishments and end it all when they take your money (and in some desperate cases, your life).

#2 When Love is Blind

Loving someone comes with trust. But these scammers rush you into a relationship with promises of love and even marriage. Certain people sound great on online sites and the phone. But if they refuse to meet you, there is something fishy going on. Instead of getting love and affection, the scammer will rob your blind in turn. So watch out for love at first sight in the online world.

#3 Too Much, Too Soon

Another indication that the love affair you are nurturing is a romance scam is when the scammer says he or she has fallen in love in a span of just a few hours or days. This person has not even met you long enough and nor has he/she talked to you at a length. So how can the love interest claim to be interested in you? Spending a lifetime with someone is not some promise you can make in just a few days. Cut the cheat out by reporting dating scams and alerting the authorities about the wolf on the prey.

#4 Using Offline Contact

Scammers may request you to contact them via private email and not use messaging during the dating site. Once you use the dating site, he or she can be monitored with ease and this can play right into the hands of the investigating authorities. So be wary when your love connection wants to make close contact.

#5 Avoiding Questions

When the scammer turns antsy while being questioned about his/her personal details, you can be sure it’s time to go about reporting dating scams. Only someone anxious to hide behind anonymity would attempt to evade questions. Don’t call online suitors in the hopes that you can connect, without a face-to-face meeting first. If the phone identifies the calling number, check the area code to see if the geographical location and the stated region the scammer says he/she belongs to matches.

Fake names, phony photos and false promises are what makes romance scams easy to detect a mile away. But love can make people blind and this holds true for romance scams too. Reporting dating scams is a must if you want to stand up for your rights and save yourself from loss of money and emotional trust.