The phone is more than an instrument of communication. It is also a means of transmitting fraud and conducting scams! Ever since technology has advanced, criminals may have gone hi-tech, but the phone remains one of the favorite methods of duping people. Listed here are some of the most common and popular phone scams of 2016. These top scams are making waves in the world of communication and information technology, as scammers move systematically to con people using the power of words.

#1 Google Business Listing Scams

This is listed as one of the top scams, because businesses learn the hard way when it comes to scammers that promise them the moon. The companies learn their listings on Google are not up to date and they are at risk of losing their ranking. So-called consultants (actually phishers and scammers) not linked with Google “help” the business owner in return for a “fee.” This scam has gained serious traction in recent years and advanced as the world has made the move to go online.

#2 Loan Scams

Again, this is one of the top phone scams of 2016 because victims here of lower interest rates or “loans” past due date through the telephone. This is a top emerging trend with payday loans on the rise. Legit loan applications may be accessed by online scammers to dupe the victims.

#3 Free Holidays

This is another of the top scams of 2016. This phone scam has callers telling receives a free hotel stay, trip or vacation has been one. Instead, scammers use high pressure sales methods to get victims to pay money or part with credit card details to pay for “tax” or “additional fees.”

#4 Political Appeals

With election fundraising being rampant in modern times, some scammers use it to make money. Among the top scams of 2016 is the call based political appeals. Fraudsters get robocalls made to evince consumer interest. Instead, what they do is ask for money and steal personal information.

#5 Local Maps Verification

This is when businesses are asked to confirm personal information to be included in online map verification drives. The truth is the scammer is only interested in getting personal information and exploiting the network, committing account takeover in diverse channels.

#6 Cutting Utility Bills

Limited time offers to cut the rate of the electricity bill are made via the phone. The prompts by the caller online aim to get the client to disclose personal information. Important personal business or prompts indicating the victim owes money were another of the phone related top scams of 2016.

#7 Credit Card Fraud

Understandably, this is one of the top scams too. Strict surveillance and shit down by the FTC has brought about a change in the incidence of this scam though. Callers try to conform personal and financial information including current credit card numbers to process rate reductions. The truth is that they are parting with personal and confidential information to scammers.

#8 Free Home Security

In an ironic twist of fate, the most popular scam in 2016 also includes warning callers of rising home crimes and suggesting home security systems, which are in fact designed to entrap the owner in the clutches of the criminal.

#9 Elderly Scams

Another of the top scams, this fraud involves duping elderly senior citizens considered easy victims. From medical identity theft to anti aging products, every kind of trick is used to get them to part with their cash.