Understanding what is internet fraud and the extent of the damage it can cause will help you realize the importance of Internet fraud awareness campaigns like Big Scammers. Every year, millions of dollars worth of losses are incurred by people from different parts of the world all due to various Internet fraud schemes.  The government and private agencies are working together to help combat this growing problem by launching awareness programs and other initiatives that can help save more potential victims.

As a regular Internet user it is important that you understand what is Internet fraud. Only by doing so can you keep yourself safe online against any of the malicious attacks. To give you an idea, below are some of the government and non-government awareness programs that you can check on or look into;

FTC Scam Alerts

FTC or Federal Trade Commission is an independent government department in charge of protecting the consumer interest and ensuring fair trading practices among businesses. In line with this duty is ensuring that the public is well informed about what is Internet fraud and the latest happenings in the industry. This is why the FTC has a dedicated page about scam alerts. The page is in line with the duty of the site to spread awareness and protect the consumers’ interest against fraud. Found in the page are news and information about the ongoing malicious schemes online. Regularly visiting the site can help keep you updated how fraudsters are conducting their schemes, giving you a better idea what to look out for when browsing the Internet. Aside from regularly visiting the page, you may also want to sign up on the site so you can get a regular scam alert update in your email.  

Big Scammers

Big Scammers is a non-government website whose primary objective is to provide fraud victims a complaint platform that will allow them to share their experience. The site uses all these reports to help more people understand what is Internet fraud and bring awareness to other consumers about the possible dangers that they may encounter online. The more people know about a scam the lesser the possibility that they’ll fall victim to it, which can help significantly reduce the number of Internet fraud victims.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) primarily to make Internet fraud reporting faster, accessible and more systematic. The platform was a huge help in collecting more information about various online malicious schemes, which helped shape a better understanding of what is internet fraud and its different forms.  Through time the site became more than just fraud reporting tool, it now offers a dedicated page for Internet Crime Schemes and has its own flyers and brochure which can be freely accessed by consumers to learn about the latest scam alerts. These materials do not only help people understand what is Internet fraud it also help keep them safe from different fraud tactics online.

The details above are just some of the websites that you can visit to get a better understanding about what is Internet fraud and the latest Internet fraud schemes utilized by online scammers.