Online shopping fraud is one of the many Internet fraud cases causing major concern in Australia. The growing number of fraud cases related to online shopping is one of the reasons why the government is aggressively campaigning for more victims to come forward and report their experience. The government wishes to aid local authorities with more information using the reports of online shopping fraud victims. This can help speed up the process of resolving fraud cases, which can be useful for ending malicious schemes circulating the Internet.

The active participation of victims in fighting fraud, such as online shopping fraud, is crucial in the success of the government’s anti fraud campaigns. This is the reason why the fraud reporting process is made easier and more accessible so victims have no excuse not to do their part. To give you an idea where you can report online shopping fraud in Australia, check out the Big Scammers list below;

Where to Report Online Shopping Fraud:


Scamwatch is run and managed by ACCC or Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The primary role of Scamwatch is to serve as an information resource center that helps alert consumers and startup businesses about ongoing fraud or malicious schemes. Using fraud complaints filed on the site, Scamwatch is able to provide information about the most recent circulating fraud schemes.

To report an online shopping scam through this platform, you must fill up the “report a scam” questionnaire. The questionnaire shall give you the chance to properly share your fraud experience without missing any crucial information. All reports forwarded through Scamwatch are kept in a database which can be accessed by different government agencies as reference material for their investigation.


ACORN (or Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) is a center established by the government to assist Australians in reporting online crimes in a fast and secure fashion. This cybercrimes includes online shopping fraud. Additionally, this website also provides useful tips and advice on how to avoid existing online crimes. ACORN is tied up with various local and national government authorities such police agencies, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the likes.

Completing ACORN’s fraud reporting takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The process requires answering a series of questions that will guide you in retelling the incident without missing any crucial information. All reports go through the assessment process, in order to determine if there is enough information or evidence for the police to work on. ACORN will decide through this process whether to recommend a case for police investigation or not. Not all fraud reports are investigated, but all reports remain compiled and part of a database utilized by the affiliate agencies of ACORN. This database help authorities to gain better understanding about ongoing cybercrimes, which allow them to suggest better fraud solutions and tips that can help keep Australians’ Internet browsing experience safer.

These two primary reporting agencies are just some of fast and easy ways to access websites that you can utilize for reporting online shopping fraud.