Girlfriend fraud and scams still continue to victimize a lot of users worldwide, mostly in the USA. There are also many recent complaints and reports in online communities like Big Scammers against online dating scams that are targeted at users in Canada, Australia, the UK and a few developing English-speaking countries in Asia. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regularly warns users who hang out in popular dating sites and apps about these scams. ActionFraud, the UK’s national online crime reporting office, has also started doing the same thing after observing a significant increase in the number of incidents and complaints against Internet romance fraud across the country.

Most criminals that commit online dating fraud and scams are just out for a quick buck. They just lure users at their target Web dating platforms and applications to their cyber traps through fake profiles and deceptive messages. They use details and photos in their profiles that exactly match the ideal dates of their intended victims. They mainly go after married middle-aged men.

Once they manage to trick their target users to respond to their messages, they entice them to engage in intimate conversations through private messaging. Many scammers try to convince victims to use external chat applications and online social networks. This allows them to quickly and easily manipulate logs and recordings of their private conversations.

The reason why they want to create copies of their chat logs and recordings of their voice chats is because they use these as the main components of their online dating fraud and scams. They tell victims that they’ll publish these all over the Internet. If that doesn’t work, then they’ll threaten to directly send the chat logs and recordings to their spouse, children, employers, friends and colleagues.

They ask for huge sums of money in exchange for their silence. Just like many fraud and scams out there – They want to be paid through cash-only remittance outlets. That way, it would be difficult if not impossible to track and expose their identities.

American users are mostly targeted for these Web fraud and scams. One reason is that bad elements can tell their victims to purchase non-refundable gift cards, prepaid debit cards and money packs to pay them. They just need the details of those irreversible payment options to cash out. However, a lot of victims continue to encounter more serious problems that result from these online dating scams.

More Serious Effects of Online Dating Fraud and Scams This 2017

Significant numbers of victims end up with ruined credit scores and huge debts because of online romance crimes. They are lured into more serious fraud and scams through fake investment opportunities and bogus money-making ventures. Many of them fall for check cashing scams, while a few are fooled into registering a business in their country and applying for an online merchant account under their newly registered companies, which are mainly used by scammers to cash out stolen credit cards and hacked bank accounts.

Some victims of online dating fraud and scams unknowingly participate in the product fencing operations of scammers and criminal groups. Similar to reshipping scams, they are deceived into agreeing to accept products and ship it to a provided location. They usually fall for these scams because of the kindness of their hearts, or their desire to earn some additional income for themselves as promised by the scammer.

US-based online security experts and FBI anti-Web crime agents say they’re expecting new variants of similar fraud and scams to suddenly appear all over the Internet in the next few weeks. To quickly recognize potential scams and steer clear from Web crimes before it’s too late – You might want to take advantage of the instant notifications and real time alerts that you can get from BigScammers.Com. Simply sign up at this online community to receive these timely updates in your email inbox.