Money scams on the Internet are designed to tap into one of the most significant desires of many users worldwide, and that’s to earn a fortune with as little effort as possible. With the effects of the financial crisis that hit almost all countries around the world a few years back still increasing unemployment rates and poverty levels in many countries like the USA up to this day – Lots of users have been constantly going to the Internet to look for gainful employment vacancies, viable online business ventures and lucrative investment opportunities. Large numbers of them can be convinced with the right social manipulation tactics, and many scammers know this.

However, a lot of criminal groups and fraudsters also know that they need to constantly devise new tactics and schemes for luring their target victims into their money scams. That’s why they closely monitor the collective sentiment of their intended victims in order to uncover vulnerable patterns to their behavior when hanging out at certain online places and when using particular applications. This gives them ideal target Web platforms and programs for committing their newest Internet crimes.

Big Scammers is an online community that’s dedicated to provide useful guides and helpful resources for quickly recognizing and safely steering clear from the most prevalent scams on the Internet today. This website also offers timely user-generated content in the form of Web crime reports and online scam complaints, which are posted by users who have been victimized by the newest Internet scams.

Cyber security experts and agents of government offices in many countries also chime in with their valuable comments, pieces of advice and helpful recommendations to properly guide users in taking actionable steps to reverse the ill effects of widespread scams and to avoid becoming a victim of the latest online crimes. To help you out, here are some of the most widespread money scams on the Internet today, according to the user-generated content of

Newest Money Scams This 2017

  1. Money Flipping Fraud – Similar to a lot of online money scams, this is a fake investment opportunity that promises to flip your investment into ten times its original value in just a matter of days. You’ll be shown believable screenshots of online bank account statements and photos of real people who testify to the authenticity of these bogus offers.

You’ll be asked to place investments using prepaid debit cards, gift cards and money packs. This is a common tactic of many scammers and criminal syndicates. That’s because transactions are irreversible and non-refundable with these cards and money packs. Authors of similar scams on the Internet also use these because it’s difficult or near impossible to track them down when they run away with your money.

  1. Fake Business Opportunities – The newest variant of this online scam is where unsuspecting users are lured into agreeing to register a business in their countries with the promise of huge profit shares. They’re then asked to apply for an online merchant account to process payments from customers. Just like other money laundering scams on the Internet, the online merchant account will be used to cash out stolen credit cards.

Many victims have ended up with ruined credit scores and huge debts because of these scams on the Internet. There are more variants of these fake opportunities – You can sign up at BigScammers.Com to receive timely updates about the newest tactics and schemes that are used by criminal syndicates and fraudsters to fool their intended victims into unknowingly participating in money laundering operations.