The ultimate goal of dating scammers is to get you to part with cold hard cash, with all sorts of stories to entice you. Cyber fraud related to girlfriend scams is all about inspiring trust and confidence, when the truth is very much the opposite. Scam dating profiles are more likely to choose a profile that matches your requirement when it comes to religion, marital status and educational qualifications. Catering to a wealthy demographic, these profiles are designed to lure people and trick them using the girlfriend scam.

#1 Meeting the Perfect Date? Be Wary!

If your date is just what you are looking for, be wary of this. The truth is that online scammers source dating requirements from your profile, social networking sites and dating demographics. The aim is to use this to trick you. The leading feature of girlfriend scam related cyber fraud is that the person appears to be tailored to suit your needs. In all probability, he or she is fake if it’s too good to be true.

#2 The Religious Card

Scammers always try to lure their way into your good books by saying they are religious. Scammers tend to use spirituality as a tool so that they sound moral and trustworthy. The aim is to entice you and get you to commit by using the faith as a leverage. Watch out for the religious card in a cyber fraud related girlfriend scam. Scammers are also the ones who use religious sounding names in hopes of snaring a believer.

#3 The Right Age and Gender to Match Your Preferences

Scammers are generally targeting older, wealthy men so the most common romance scam is generally pulled off by women, indicating it is the key ingredient of the cyber fraud. According to the FBI, the most common romance scam target is also a woman over 40.

#4 Watch Out For Black Widows

The majority of the profiles indicate they are widowers, if they are scamming according to research reports. What’s the aim here? Men and women tug at the heartstrings by invoking their personal tragedy. Scam profiles also indicate they are emotionally soft and vulnerable, if they choose such a status. The cyber fraud is designed to reach out to empathetic and caring men online using such tactics and strategies.

#5 A Highly Qualified Doctor? Think Again

A fraudulent profile in which the person said they had a doctorate is very common. So are graduate degrees. In fact scamming girlfriends are likely to hide behind big sounding names and impressive educational qualifications rather than saying they have a high school diploma or lack a bachelor’s degree.

#6 Specific Racial Preferences? Scammers are Whiffing That Out Too

Popular races to try are the exotic, foreign sounding ones. These include Native Indian Americans, Mixed ethnicities or women from Asian/Latino communities. Most scam profiles come from certain countries including Nigeria, Ukraine and the Philippines. The trick is to look for discrepancies between when people sign in and where they sign in from supposedly.

#7 Shifty Jobs Hard to Check Out

Scammers either say they are qualified personnel such as engineers, or royalty or self employed. The aim behind each of these chosen professions is very specific. Citing self employment makes it difficult to fact check by searching a corporate website. Royalty, on the other hand, gives an air of not needing money and sending it to you (the advance fee scam) while trusted professionals like doctors and engineers is likely to invoke reassurance in the victim’s mind.

# 8 A Perfect Picture

This cyber fraud is oriented towards making it harder for people to understand that they are being led into a romantic trap. It has been carefully designed to ensure that people do not get nurse suspicion that something is wrong. Make sure you exercise all caution while stepping into online relationships. A girlfriend scam can break more than your heart, by wrecking your financial welfare and credibility.