Reporting scams on employment is a right and a duty that you must practice. This practice is not only beneficial to you, it also beneficial for other job seekers, since it helps keep them safe from becoming another victim of the same scam. These are the primary reasons why you should take the time to report employment scams. To give you an idea, here is a list of websites and government agencies that you can go to when reporting scams on employment:

Go to Websites for reporting Scams on Employment

  • IC3

The Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3 offers an online complaint form for reporting scams committed online. Employment scams are often committed online, which makes this site an ideal primary reporting tool where you can detail how you were scammed. Your report will then be forwarded to the department who has jurisdiction over your case, who will decide whether to conduct a formal investigation based on your complaint.

  • FTC

Whether you’re reporting scams committed on or offline the Federal Trade Commission or FTC will be willing to accept your complaint through its online complaint tool. The online complaint form contains a list of questions about how you became a victim of an employment scam. Once you file a complaint on the site, you may also access their free assistance in terms of providing you expert advice on how you should proceed with your complaint.

  • U.S Postal Inspection Service

Aside from reaching out through email or online platform, many employment scammers also utilize the U.S. postal service. In which case, you can file a complaint directly to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. The Postal Inspection Service offers an online complaint form used for gathering details of the employment scam you wish to complain. Make sure to go through all the questions provided on the complaint form so you don’t miss out on any important information about your complaint. Your complaint will then be evaluated and analyzed if your case qualifies for a full investigation. The USPIS may contact other appropriate agencies to seek assistance in conducting an investigation.

  • Direct Reporting

Reporting scams to companies involved or are being misrepresented by the scammer through fraudulent employment offers are also a step that you may want to consider. Many employment scammers use job sites or pretends to be an official representative of a well-known company in order to lure more victims. Directly contacting these job sites or companies and informing them how their names are being utilized to commit fraud can alert them to take necessary action that will secure their interests. This includes suspending the job site accounts of the suspected scammers or sending out a disclaimer about an ongoing fraudulent scheme that is using the company’s name. Using this option to report a scam often yields faster and better results.

Reporting scams to the list of websites provided above means that you have done your duty and right as a citizen. Your scam report will allow you to practice your right to government protection and realize your duty by alerting your fellow job seeker against employment scams that you reported.