Reporting financial frauds provides significant help in reducing malicious scams committed over the Internet. The increasing number of this type of frauds is taking its toll on the finances of many people and business entities alike. The government is constantly seeking ways to address this problem, which is why fraud victims are constantly encouraged to report what they know. This is one of the best ways authorities can learn and gather information about the recent financial scams, which they can use to find scammers and stop fraudulent schemes in their tracks.

Reporting financial frauds is now made easy with the help of various online platforms made available by the government and non-profit organizations. To name a few of these online websites, check out the list below;

  • Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission or FTC is the primary go-to-website for reporting various online scams, such as financial fraud. It is an independent department of the US government in charge of promoting the interest of the consumers while simultaneously preventing businesses from launching any anticompetitive practice. One of the most highlighted features of the FTC is its Online Complaint Assistant. This complaint form is made of different parts – each part is made of questions focusing on the essential information about the fraud you are reporting, so you won’t miss out anything important. Aside from the complaint form, the FTC site also features on site Web chat so you can communicate directly with the department’s tech support personnel. This option is open from Mondays to Fridays between 9AM to 8PM (EST).

  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service

U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) is another government site that allows you to report financial fraud online. Before financial frauds were communicated through electronic mail, scammers have long been using the U.S. mail service as a means to target their victims. To date, many scammers still use postal mail to find new victims of fraud. Reporting these frauds to USPIS will automatically launch a preliminary investigation that will determine whether a violation has occurred. The USPIS complaint receiving center can then alert the Postal Inspection Service in the concern area, so they can take action and save more potential victims from these financial frauds. Fraud victims who prefer to file a complaint over the phone may call through 1-800-275-877, USPIS hotline.

  • is one of the growing complaints resource online. The site allows you to report different types of fraud, whether online or offline. Victims of financial frauds are welcome to file their complaint through the site and help spread awareness among other potential victims. provides an online complaint platform containing questions that can help you tell your fraud story without missing any crucial information. Aside from spreading awareness, the moderators of the site may also use your experience to help suggest preventive measures or security measures to other readers. This can play a significant role in significantly reducing the number of financial fraud victims.

The details provided above can help you speedily recognize and file a complaint against common financial frauds that you may encounter while browsing the Internet.