Girlfriend scams are scams intended to swindle people out of their money by tugging at their heartstrings. The most common victims are sensitive men with kindness and sympathy. Some of the most common signs of a girlfriend scam are as follows:

  • They mostly pretend to be great believers in religion and spirituality. Most of them pretend to be devout Catholics as well. Their profile will signify this fact and will put emphasis upon things like trustworthiness and morality. This same thing will be reflected in the messages they send to you too. For example they may use phrases like “God is love” or “Love is God”. All of this is designed to lure people into the scam.
  • Watch out if the lady you are chatting with is a widow. 63% of girlfriend scam profiles have widows written on them. This helps them with concocting a sob story about how their husbands cheated on them or how they are bringing up a child all by themselves. The idea is to evoke sympathy and pity for them. They use the same thing later on for scamming the person at the other end.
  • Subtle Manipulation – The scammers will start with a topic and then leave it midway. They may say things like “I wanted to share something but….leave it”. The idea behind this is to get you interested in the topic. They want you to ask them to share it. Once you do, they will start talking about a mess which they are in. In majority of cases, it is a financial mess and they need your help for getting out of it.
  • Urgency to meetThe people behind girlfriend scams would want to meet as soon as possible. Once you agree to the meeting, they will come up with reasons which are preventing them from meeting you. Once again, the idea behind this is to get you interested. Very soon you will start feeling like it is you who wanted to meet them!
  • Instant messaging – Most scammers would want to have private chats with you. Anything they can say and write on an online website can be reported. But private chats are private and they cannot be reported to any website. That is exactly why they want to move to instant messaging.
  • Common tactics used by girlfriend scams are as follows:
  • They will say that their boss paid them using money order. This money order will off course be a forged one. They will ask you to cash it and send it to them.
  • They will tell you that they don’t have money for a passport or a visa. They will ask you to pay for those.
  • The scammer might say they are in a different country but yet are ready to travel thousand miles to “be with you”. The idea is to get money from you citing the travel expenses.
  • Girlfriend scams will tell you their family members are sick or are dying and ask you to help.
  • They will keep on telling you that “you will be married one day”, till you actually start believing in it.
  • Girlfriend scams might even go to the extent of saying that they have been arrested and ask you to pay their fines.