There are different agencies and departments where you can report a scam. The government and businesses are both so eager to put all scams to a stop that they made scam reporting accessible and so much easier. Below are a list of agencies and government departments that you can contact in case you want to file a report;

  • Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission of the FTC accepts scam reports of all nature. There are two ways you report a scam here; one is through the use of their online complaint form. The online complaint form contains questions which you may or may not answer, depending on the amount of information you wish to disclose. The second available option is through their hotline 1-877-FTC-HELP. Though the FTC may not have the power to directly launch an investigation, they can forward your report to the local authorities and other relevant departments. These departments can use your report to map out patterns of fraud which is highly useful for resolving fraud cases.

  • Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau or BBB has a wide range of accredited businesses. It’s a non-profit organization whose main function is to help ensure a better business relationship between businesses and consumers by promoting trust in the marketplace.  You may report a scam to BBB involving any of their accredited company. BBB has an online complaint system where you can file a report. The details of your report will then be forwarded by the organization to the concerned business within two business days. The business will be given 14 days to respond to the complaint. If the business fails to respond within the said period, BBB will send a second request. You will be automatically notified by the organization once they receive a response regarding your concern. It usually takes an average of 30 days to finalize and close a complaint.

  • Internet Crime Complaint Center

Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3 is an initiative under the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI.  IC3 provides an online platform where you can report a fraud or scam that you encountered online. The form contains guide questions which will allow you to provide to provide important details about the scam you wish to report. Your report will then be analyzed and evaluated by an IC3 expert and then forwarded to the corresponding departments or government agencies. The decision to conduct an investigation regarding your complaint will be decided by these agencies.

  • Report a Scam to the Concerned Business

Another option that you can utilize is to file a complaint directly to the business that is being utilized by the scammer as a platform to find victims. Businesses like bank, online dating sites, job ad sites, etc. are often utilized by scammers to find victims for their malicious scheme. You may contact the business directly and inform them how scammers are taking advantage of their business platform to shamelessly deceive people. This way the business can conduct an internal investigation and take appropriate action that will protect their clients or customers.

These are just some of the different agencies and departments where you can report a scam. When you report a scam, you are doing your part as a responsible citizen to protect others and yourself.