Many users from everywhere around the world continue to post online scam complaints and Web crime reports in BigScammers.Com. This online community’s user-generated content shows that a lot of users are still being victimized by online dating scams, fake tech support schemes, ransomware and phishing fraud, credit card and identity theft, fake money making schemes, malicious applications and bogus investing opportunities among other Internet scams. The details in most of these anonymous postings are regularly used to update this website’s database of useful guides and resources for avoiding Web fraud and online crimes.

Both the user-generated content repository and admin content database of BigScammers.Com can significantly help the global fight against cyber fraud. Through this website, you’ll be able to know the exact user groups, countries, Web platforms, social networks, online banking portals, Webmail providers, device types and OS (operating system) versions, shopping sites, ecommerce stores and other online platforms that are currently being targeted by many criminal syndicates and solo fraudsters for their latest Internet scams. You’ll also learn the newest tactics and schemes that are used by a lot of scammers and criminal groups today for carrying out their illegal activities on the Internet.

Last year, there was a significant increase in incidents around the world that involved online extortion schemes. Some of the most prevalent extortion tactics and strategies were used for online dating scams and tech support fraud. Many fake tech support crimes were mainly more intricate versions of ransomware fraud. What makes these fake tech support scams different from ransomware fraud is mainly the use of scammers posing as official tech support agents of household tech brands like Microsoft, Apple, Google and the like.

However, many fraud complaints and Web crime reports in BigScammers.Com pointed out that online dating scams are now being used to carry out the other illegal online and offline activities of some criminal syndicates and solo fraudsters. Aside from the basic extortion scheme where victims are forced to pay significant sums of money, a lot of the newest fraudulent dating schemes today involve credit card scams, identity theft and ecommerce fraud. Here are more details about this:

How Has Online Dating Scams Changed According to BigScammers.Com

Apparently, there are lots of cases where online dating scams were just used to commit more serious cyber offenses than online extortion schemes. This is shown by the many scam complaints and Web crime reports that were posted in BigScammers.Com last year. Significant numbers of dating fraud victims ended up with ruined credit scores and huge debts, not to mention the humiliation and embarrassment of being wrongfully accused of serious online crimes.

Criminal syndicates and solo fraudsters have been reported to trick users of popular dating sites and apps to participate in fake business ventures and investment opportunities. They entice their target victims with promises of huge profits and long term income in exchange for a few administrative duties. They introduce these bogus proposals once their intended victims are knee-deep in their online dating scams.

What they ask unsuspecting users is to register a start-up business in their countries. Afterwards, they tell their victims that they need to apply for an online merchant account under the newly registered company. They deceive users into believing that this is needed to accept online credit card and e-wallet payments from the future customers of their new business venture. This is based on the many narratives that were posted in BigScammers.Com by users who fell for these online dating scams.

Since the control owner of newly registered businesses need to sign as the personal guarantor when applying for an online merchant account, many victims were left with ruined credit scores and huge debts. That’s because the main objective of scammers and criminal groups that operate these online dating scams for the online merchant account is to simply cash out stolen credit cards and hacked e-wallet accounts.

A lot of victims were also suspected of participating in money laundering operations, credit card fraud and identity theft because of this. Had they checked the user-generated content repository of BigScammers.Com for the latest scam complaints against similar online dating scams, they would’ve quickly recognized and safely avoided their ordeal. So, it might be in your best interest to sign up at BigScammers.Com today to learn about the newest tactics and schemes that are presently being used for the most widespread Web crimes and online scams this year.