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According to the latest Web crime reports and scam complaints that have been posted by many users around the world this week, girlfriend scams are now being used to promote money flipping fraud. There have been many unsuspecting users worldwide who were recently victimized by money scams, but a lot of cyber security experts and online privacy analysts claim that we could most likely expect this number to exponentially grow in the next few months.

Based on their latest studies, this predicted growth can mainly be attributed to the increasing widespread penetration of mobile devices and the rapid adoption of the mobile Web across many countries around the world. A few cyber security groups and mobile development firms even claim that by the end of 2018, more than 50% of the world’s total mobile user population would most likely be victimized by some variant of girlfriend scams, money fraud, malicious applications and the like at one time or another.

How is Money Flipping Fraud Promoted Through Girlfriend Scams?

The main target victim groups of scammers and criminal syndicates that operate girlfriend scams are comprised of married men who hang out in some of the most popular dating sites and apps in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and a few other countries. Many of these unsuspecting users are in their senior years and could most likely have significant amounts of disposable money tucked away in their savings account and retirement funds.

So, what scammers do with their girlfriend scams is to trick their intended target victims to invest a small fraction of their money in a fake investment opportunity. A lot of their target victims are actually searching for ways to keep themselves busy and earn additional income in the process, mainly to feel productive. Almost all scammers and criminal groups know this, so they aim to exploit this vulnerability by deceiving their target victims with promises of lucrative returns for their investments.

They explain to the victims of their girlfriend scams that they have contacts in multinational financial institutions that can flip their investments up to ten times its original value in a matter of days. They claim this is a blackhat method that hasn’t been exposed yet at this time, thereby making it untraceable at the moment. To make their pitch more believable, they tell their potential victims that they would of course take a generous cut from the earnings of their investments.

They also tell unsuspecting users that they’re looking out for their safety, which is why investing in this money flipping scheme can only be done through anonymous prepaid debit cards, gift cards and money packs. They’ll ask for the details of their victim’s card or money pack to supposedly process their investments. What they don’t tell victims of their girlfriend scams is that they’ll be making non-refundable purchases when they buy prepaid debit cards, gift cards and money packs, and more so – They’ll be running away with their victim’s money the moment those details are handed over to them.

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