Criminal organizations are constantly creating new ways to victimize more users with their illegal activities on the Web. They closely monitor the most advanced online security protocols to devise tactics and schemes that can help them circumvent these protective systems and processes. They also keep an eye out for relevant trends that are significant to the behavior of their target victims on the Web, as shown by the many Big Scammers fraud action complaints in 2016 against Web crimes and online scams that are being done through widely used social networks.

Some of the newest Web crimes today are the latest variants of money fraud. A lot of money scams are being falsely advertised as lucrative business and investment opportunities across the most popular social networks today. In the USA, many victims have posted Big Scammers fraud action complaints against check cashing fraud this month.

Significant numbers of users worldwide have also been recently victimized by money flipping scams. Many Big Scammers fraud action alerts about this specific type of money fraud were sent out last December.

What Are Big Scammers Fraud Action Complaints & Alerts?

BigScammers.Com is a website that offers a regularly updated repository of user-generated content. This is comprised of real time online scam complaints and instant Web crime reports against the newest types of cyber fraud, which are filed by users around the world. These are called Big Scammers fraud action complaints.

When you sign up at this website, you’ll receive instant notifications and real time alerts. Each time a user posts a complaint or updates and comments on an already published report in this online community, subscribers receive what is known as a Big Scammers fraud action alert in their email inbox. This contains the details of the newly posted or recently updated online scam complaint.

Through the instant Big Scammers fraud action alerts that you get, you’ll be able to identify the best steps, online security tools and Web privacy applications to use against the newest types of cyber fraud today. You’ll also learn about the exact tactics, schemes, target user groups and Web platforms, malicious applications and distribution channels that are used by criminal syndicates and solo fraudsters for their latest illegal activities on the Internet.

Top Money Scams in the USA Today

  1. Check Cashing Fraud – This is where unsuspecting users are tricked into cashing out checks through their banks for a lucrative cut from the value of the checks. Of course, those checks turn out to be fake, as many users mentioned in their Big Scammers fraud action complaints against this money scam. However, many victims only learn about this after they’ve collected the cash from their banks and have sent the money to these scammers. That’s because a lot of US-based banks will immediately cash out checks. They just call their customers after a few days or so to inform them that they owe money because the checks turned out to be fake.
  2.  Money Flipping Fraud – This is where victims are deceived into investing any amount that they want through prepaid debit cards, gift cards and money packs to buy into this fake money-making opportunity and earn enticing returns. Of course, the scammer runs away with the money the moment unsuspecting users hands over the details of their prepaid debit cards, gift cards or money packs. That’s because these are non-refundable purchases and transactions. Many American users only learned about this after they’re victimized by this money scam. That’s what many victims mentioned in their Big Scammers fraud action postings about this money flipping scam last December.