New fraudulent schemes pop up all over the Web from time to time. That’s because the criminal syndicates and solo fraudsters that operate these online scams make it a point to constantly change their tactics. According to many recent Big Scammers online scam complaints against the latest Web crimes, fraudsters do this to be able to circumvent the latest Web security technologies and online privacy protocols that are regularly distributed by cyber security groups and development firms.

There are hundreds of iterations and variants of the oldest online and offline scams. For example, extortion schemes have evolved into more sophisticated scams. Ransomware fraud, which was big for the past several years, has now been replaced with inbound fake tech support scams and online romance fraud. Spam has on the other hand morphed into phishing scams.

Money flipping fraud is one of the newest money scams today, according to recent Big Scammers online scam postings. Here’s how this works:

Big Scammers Online Scam Complaints Against Money Flipping Fraud

Many users claim in their Big Scammers online scam complaints that fraudsters are now targeting social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to carry out their money flipping scams. This is where unsuspecting users are tricked into investing their cash in a fake money-making opportunity.

These scammers tell users that they have contacts in the upper executive levels of large financial institutions and banking corporations. They claim that their contacts can add one zero to the value of what a user invests in this fake money-making venture. For example, if users invest $100, then these fraudsters promise a $1,000 return.

According to many Big Scammers online scam reports about these money flipping scams, these fraudsters also tell users that they’ll be taking a cut from the total earnings of the user. This is just a ploy to make their claims more believable for their target victims.

These scammers then ask these unsuspecting users to purchase gift cards, prepaid debit cards and money packs to invest in this money flipping scam. They tell users that this is to avoid handling their sensitive banking account details for their own protection, which is another ploy to make these money flipping scams believable.

These scammers then ask their victims for the details in their gift cards, prepaid debit cards and money packs to process their transactions. Of course, as evidenced by a lot of Big Scammers online scam postings about these money flipping scams – These fraudsters will run away with the money the moment they get hold of these details. Plus, there’s no known way to recover this lost money since gift cards, prepaid cards and money packs aren’t refundable.

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