Like other countries, Australia also has its own agency where you can report a scammer. Online fraud is a serious problem in many countries, Australia is not foreign to this problem which is why they have ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network).

Since the Internet has become accessible to more people, the number of online scam cases continues to increase at an alarming rate. This is the reason why the government, charities and private sectors are closely working together to help solve these problems. One of the results of this initiative is ACORN.

ACORN is run by the government, it provides an online platform where you can safely report a scammer or any incident of online scam. Aside from this, the site also provides useful tips and advice on how you can protect yourself against the numerous malicious schemes online. To give you an idea on how you can report a scammer with ACORN, read the details below;

How to Report A Scammer with ACORN

  • ACORN offers an online scam reporting platform which you can use to securely report a scammer. The site accepts report about the different types of online scams, but first you must provide the country of your residence and the country where you believe the scammer resides. Your answer to this question will determine if ACORN should be able to accept your report.
  • Afterwards, you may resume reporting the scam by filling up the guide questions in the fraud report form. It takes around ten to fifteen minutes to complete the report. You don’t have to worry since the questions are fairly direct and easy to understand. The questions were intended to ensure that your report is as informative as possible.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you after reporting a scammer. The email contains your ACORN reference number, which is basically the ID of your report. Aside from this email, you are not supposed to receive any further correspondence with ACORN since your concern will be already be forwarded to the appropriate agencies, who may contact you if there are any updates regarding your complaint.
  • After receiving your report, the ACORN professionals will look into the details you provided and decide which appropriate government agency can help address your report. Severe cases of online scam are often forwarded to local authorities so they can conduct a thorough investigation and help apprehend the culprit.
  • Aside from being utilized to investigate online fraud. All reports filed with ACORN are also used for monitoring online scam patterns in the country. This is to help Australian citizen find better solutions against online scam.
  • Note that aside from ACORN, you can also go to other government agencies in Australia to report a scam. This includes Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Communications and Media Authority. However, these agencies only accept reports specific to their jurisdiction unlike ACORN.

The details provided above should be enough to help you report a scammer in Australia. Remember that every time you report a scammer, you are always one step closer to defeating a global problem, which can help make the Internet a safer and better place for everyone.