Reporting girlfriend scams is an obligation that you must perform in order to help protect other potential victims. Due to the growing number of online fraud victims, countries from different parts of the world have now taken the initiative to promote online scam reporting.

One of the best ways to end fraudulent activities like datings scams is to inform more people about it. The more people know about these scams the lesser number of victims they can find. Once a scam ceases to be profitable scammers will eventually abandon it. The best way to inform people about a scam is to file a complaint or report about it. To give you an idea how to report girlfriend scams, see the details below;

 Reporting Girlfriend Scams

  • One of the primary ways to report dating scams is to file a complaint to the website or platform that was used by the scammer to contact you. If the scammer reached you through an email, then you should report the scammer to Gmail or Yahoo!. You can do this by flagging the email as a spam. If the scammer contacted you via social network like Facebook, then you can report the user to Facebook. If you met the scammer through an online dating site, then you should report the scammer to the moderators of the dating site. Filing a report to any of these platforms allows them to conduct their own investigation. This is also a good opportunity for these service providers to look into the security system and find out what they can do to prevent this type of online scam from happening again.
  • File a report to proper authorities. Filing a complaint through your local police does not only give you the chance to contribute vital information on any going investigation in girlfriend scams, it can also be useful for recovering your losses. If you’re lucky the police might just be able to catch the culprit which gives you the chance to sue the scammer for damages so you can get your money back.
  • IC3 or Internet Crime Complaint Center is an online platform that allows scam victims to safely and securely report any forms of scam that they encountered. IC3 is associated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The site was established to provide a hassle free online scam filing center. Although IC3 does not conduct any investigation, it has the duty to forward reports to the corresponding agency who can provide advice on regarding your next course of action.
  • com website accepts reports or complaints regarding online scams. Unlike IC3, the reports that you file with BigScammers are open for everybody to read. Meaning, when you file a report on this site, you are relating your experience a bigger audience, which is the main purpose of the site. The reason why online scam reports are published is to disseminate information faster, so you can save more potential victims from incurring the same traumatic experience as you did.

The information above is just some of the platforms that you can use to report girlfriend scams. Of course, there are other channels where you can file a report on girlfriend scams the ones mentioned above are just some of the most popular sites that you can easily access.