Credit card fraud reporting is a serious matter that you should take care of as soon as you find out about it. Through the years, the use of credit and debit card for online payments has become even more popular, which is probably one of the primary reasons for the significant increase in credit card fraud reports. Every year, thousands of dollars worth of losses are being incurred by people from around the globe due to credit card fraud.

To address this growing problem the government and credit card companies are closely working together in finding ways to reduce the number of credit card fraud incidents. Improved credit card fraud reporting facilities is one of the fruits of these efforts, making it easier for credit card fraud victims to relay their experience to the proper channels that can help them with their concern. To give you an idea how credit card fraud reporting is done, see the tips below;

Credit Card Fraud Reporting

  • The first place to report your concern should be your credit card company. The credit card company has the ability to temporarily suspend your account, so by alerting the credit card company regarding your suspicion can help immediately address your concern. The suspension will put all the activities on the card on hold, preventing the scammer from causing more damage to your credit resources.
  • Report your concern to FTC or the Federal Trade commission. Fraudsters who steal credit card information also steals the identity of their victim. This means that they have your personal information which they can use for various malicious schemes. FTC can help address this suspicion by endorsing you to a crime investigating agency. Afterwards, FTC can help you prepare an affidavit regarding your complaint. You can use this affidavit when you finally decide to file a formal complaint. To contact FTC you may visit or contact their hotline at 1-877-ID THEFT.
  • You may also file a police report in your area regarding credit card fraud and identity theft. Remember to bring your affidavit from the FTC, along with other evidence relevant to your case. Present these documents to the police station, when you file a credit card fraud report. Make sure to get your report number a copy of your complaint before you leave the police station. This is especially important when you’re doing a follow up regarding your case.
  • To inform more people about your experience, you may also take advantage of other fraud reporting websites. This includes websites like allow its members to share their experience regarding online fraud. The details of this report are made accessible on the site for free so others can read about them. The more people know about the scam the lesser the number of people this cam can victimize.

These are just some of the steps that you can take for credit card fraud reporting. Knowing what to do after you become a fraud victim means you’re half way to solving your problem. Credit card fraud reporting helps end the scheme of fraudsters and give the authorities a good lead on how to catch them.