The ACCC, also known as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has fallen witness to the horrible effects brought about by scamming to victims and their families. A good way to fight online scams is to keep up with the scammers by knowing their tricks, and learning how to protect yourself by reporting scams immediately.

These online scams target people from all walks of life – No matter what your age, race, or gender may be. Each year, scams, especially fraudulent emails, cost Australians millions of dollars. And not only that, they can also create lots of non-financial trauma to their victims.

The ACCC has an official Website called Scamwatch, whose main objective is to assist the public in identifying, reporting scams, and protecting themselves and their loved ones from scamming. Scamwatch also includes info for those who own small businesses online. The site contains a plethora of victims’ stories, rules to remember and follow to avoid scams, a list of the most common types of scams, and email alerts. The site also educates the public on how to properly report scams.

Scamwatch is run by the ACCC. The ACCC passes on information to small business owners, as well as the general public, on reporting scams and fraud.

Reporting Scams at Scamwatch

  1. The ACCC, together with Scamwatch, are always welcoming contributions from direct or non-direct victims of scam. Their list of scam reports just keeps on growing. The info that they store on their site will be used to keep Aussies informed regarding the newest types of online scams currently roaming the Internet. These reports are very important to the ACCC staff, since this can greatly help them in checking out the newest scam trends, and taking the right needed action. This includes working together with the local authorities, and searching for the best ways to stop scams from happening again.

If you report scams on the Scamwatch Website, they will keep a record and you might receive a call or email from the ACCC if they want to ask you additional questions. However, the ACCC cannot respond to all of the submitted reports because of the high volume of complaints received daily.

When you report scams to the Scamwatch Website, or just about any other anti-fraud site, you can help them in tracking down scammers and send out a warning to the public regarding the scam.

If you have unfortunately lost some cash to a scamming Website or have made the mistake of giving out your personal info to a scammer, then chances of getting your cash back is slim to none. But there are still many steps that you can take to lessen the blow, and save yourself and your loved ones from additional loss.

In case you have fallen victim to an online scam or an identity theft, you need to act fast to lessen the danger of losing your cash, or dealing with other damages that come with online scamming – You can do that by reporting scams to the police, to the Scamwatch site, or any local authority.