During the last year, Action Fraud has managed to acquire an average of 8,000 reports each month. A high portion of these people are reporting scam emails. This UK-based company is the national reporting center for fraud and cybercrime, and encourages the public to file scamming reports – No matter if you yourself have been a victim or not.

They want to give a central point of contact for fraud investigation, and other forms of Internet-related crimes. Action Fraud helps victims of scamming, frauds, and they don’t want others to befall the same fate as they did.

Action Fraud is operated by the City of London Police. They are working together with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, an organization responsible for assessing these reports, and making sure that these reports won’t be forgotten. The City of London Police is London’s policing authority when it comes to crime.

Reporting scam emails, fraud, or any other forms of cybercrime, is highly appreciated. Through utilizing the site’s own reporting services at any time they like, it allows the victims to both seek for help and file a report at the same time. The Website will also provide whatever help they can give, be it through emails or phonecalls. Victims can chat with Internet fraud and crime specialists by calling their hotline number.

Action Fraud’s mission is to make the entire process of filing and reporting scam emails, or sending information to possible victims, easier. When you file a report, you will be giving these anti-scamming sites the important information they need in order to protect yourself, and the public from these criminals. And this info can also help in finding the scammers and putting them in jail.

Each time you file a report with the Action Fraud site, you will obtain a police crime reference number. These reports will be passed on to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Action Fraud will not look at the cases and won’t give you updates on how the case is progressing.

Reporting Scam Emails And Other Cyber Crimes at Action Fraud

Filing a report with Action Fraud takes at least 20 minutes. Before you start, make sure that you know all of the important information that is required for reporting scams, such as names, dates, details about the suspect, and how they stole your cash.

The report must be finished in one session. If you spend more than 30 minutes on your report before clicking on that ‘Next’ button, the page will expire.

The Action Fraud form will ask you a series of questions regarding the scamming incident, including questions about the scammer. Fields marked with a symbol are all mandatory.

Double-check your answers to see if you’re content with the info you have provided on every page, before clicking on ‘Next’. It’s still possible to return to a previous question, by using the ‘Previous’ button, located below the page. Do not click on your browser’s ‘Back’ button since this can lead to problems with your reporting scam emails.