Business fraud is a huge problem worldwide. More than $8 billion of losses due to card not present scams were reported in 2014 by many US-based online security groups and ecommerce technology development firms. This is predicted to grow at a whopping 125% in the next couple of years. This means over $19 billion of losses due to identity theft and credit card scams in 2018! So, how can Big Scammers business fraud complaints help your business avoid these scams?

  • What is Big Scammers?

Big Scammers is an online platform that accepts complaints posted by users around the world. This Web platform also allows users to sign up and receive alerts of the latest complaints and updated content pages about the newest online scams today. This online communities user-generated content is divided into specific categories. One of these categories is the Big Scammers Business Fraud section.

  • How Can Big Scammers Business Fraud Complaints Help You?

If you operate an ecommerce platform, or if you run a business that heavily relies on the latest Web technologies for your front end and back end processes, then you can significantly benefit from the content in the Big Scammers Business Fraud section. These are complaints, news and updates about the most prevalent tactics and schemes used by criminal syndicates to scam businesses and ecommerce portals around the world.

By getting timely updates, you’ll be alerted of the most widespread scams that can exploit the hidden vulnerabilities of your ecommerce platforms and back end Web technologies. This means you’ll be able to verify if your systems are vulnerable to the same exploits. You’ll also be able to implement the most advanced technologies and more suitable customer identity verification processes into your checkout and payment processes. All those benefits by simply visiting the Big Scammers Business Fraud section of this online community!

You can even sign up to receive real time alerts about the newest Big Scammers business fraud complaints in this Web platform. These notifications are automatically sent to your email, so you can conveniently learn about the most widespread scams and tactics that can cause your business to lose a lot of money and might also damage the reputation of your brand. Here are the top business fraud complaints that were posted in Big Scammers this year:

Top Big Scammers Business Fraud Complaints This Year

  1. Identity Theft – The main objective of these scams is often to commit card not present scams and credit card fraud. However, many of these criminal syndicates exploit popular ecommerce portals to lure their target victims into their cyber fraud traps. These scammers create clones of ecommerce portals and use phishing tactics to trick users into giving away their financial credentials. According to the latest Big Scammers business fraud complaints, a significant number of businesses had their ecommerce platforms cloned this year, causing a lot of damage to their credibility across their ideal customers and prospects!
  1. Affiliate Fraud – A lot of businesses take advantage of the latest affiliate management and tracking technologies on the Internet today. This is for them to be able to widen their reach across their target audiences without significantly adding marketing and advertising overheads. Users sign up as their affiliates and earn fixed commission percentages from the paying customers that they send to the ecommerce platforms of these businesses.

However, many scammers also pose as legitimate affiliates and end up exploiting their ecommerce platforms to cash out stolen credit cards! According to the most recent Big Scammers business fraud complaints against these affiliate scams, a lot of businesses have lost their ability to accept online payments and have also racked up a considerable amount of debt due to affiliate fraud. This is because of the chargebacks and disputes that are filed by the real owners of these stolen credit cards when they see these illegitimate transactions in their account statements.

These are just some of the top Big Scammers business fraud complaints this year. Sign up to receive Big Scammers alerts and get instant email notifications about the latest scams on the Web today. Share this with your family and friends, so you can help them avoid these scams, regardless if they’re involved in ecommerce or not, since cyber fraud can victimize both regular Web users and ecommerce merchants.