Big Scammers report a fraud tool helps provide a channel for online scam victims to share their experience. One of the primary things you need to learn before you can use Big Scammers fraud report tool is identifying the different forms of scams. This is so you know how to properly present you’re the online you encountered. To give you an idea which online scams you should report to Big Scammers fraud report tool, here is a list of  some top online scams you may encounter;

Report Top Online Scams to Big Scammers Fraud Report Tool

  • Auction Fraud or Shopping Fraud

Auction fraud or shopping fraud is one of the growing concerns of many online shoppers. This type of scam usually takes place on the online shopping site. Fraudster auctions or sells a specific product through the online shopping site, providing attractive deals that will surely lure many shoppers into buying. Once they receive the payment for the product they simply cut off all means of communication with the buyer without giving them what they paid for.

Many shoppers have lost a considerable amount from this type of scam, which is the reason why you are encouraged to report any similar incident to Big Scammers fraud report tool so others can steer clear from these fake sellers or auctioneers.

  • Social Network  Scam

The growing popularity of social networking sites has opened various opportunities to many online scammers. One of online schemes they use is hacking social network accounts. The scammers use this tactic to ask for money or other financial gain from the network of friends of their victims. Capitalizing on the established trusts among the friends of their victim, the scammer starts making up stories to convey their victims need assistance. They usually try to find out which friends are closest to the victim, and then start their malicious scheme from there.

By the time the true owner of the social network account learns about the incident, many of his friends would have already sent some money or favors to the scammer. This type of online scam is highly alarming, especially since social network accounts usually contain sensitive information about your whereabouts, friends and details about your family. To help ensure that others become aware of this scam, it is important that you use online tools like Big Scammers fraud report tool that can help you disseminate information faster.

  • You Won a Prize Scam

This type of online scam usually reaches their victims by means of a congratulatory email. The scammer assumes the identity of a company representative congratulating their victim for winning either an iPad, iPhone, Xbox or other expensive items. They say that all you have to do is provide your credit or debit card information so you can pay for the shipping. Naturally, this is nothing but a ruse to get your financial information. Once the scammers get your card details, they’ll use it to pay for their illegal transactions and pin you for the legal liabilities or to electronically transfer all the money from your debit card to their phony account.

These top online scams are just some of the many scams that you can report to Big Scammers fraud report tool. By doing so you can help authorities to stop these scammers from growing their pool of victims, which is one of the primary reasons why Big Scammer fraud report tool was established.