Big Scammers online fraud complaints are reports from real users about their recent encounters with criminal syndicates that operate Internet scams. From the more than 800 monthly scam cases that were filed by American users during the first half of this year, many of these involved online romance scams. This indicates a significant increase in the number of monthly online scam incidents and Internet romance scams that were filed from 2015 to the beginning of 2016.

  • What Are Online Romance Scams?

According to the latest Big Scammers online fraud complaints about these Internet romance scams, these are basically extortion schemes that are operated by criminal syndicates on the Web. These scammers pose as legitimate users of the most popular dating sites and apps, prowling for unsuspecting users that they can lure into their extortion schemes.

Many users who posted Big Scammers online fraud complaints about these scammers reported that they were tricked into engaging in intimate conversations with these fraudsters outside these online dating platforms. Most of them participate in these intimate conversations by using the private messaging systems of popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. A few of these victims also reported that they engaged in these intimate conversations through widely used instant messaging tools with VoIP features like Skype and Viber.

In their Big Scammers online fraud reports, these victims said that these scammers then threatened to publish logs and recordings of their intimate conversations all over the Internet. These fraudsters also threatened to send these recordings and logs to the spouses, children, employers, friends and colleagues of their victims. These fraudsters asked for hefty fees in exchange for their silence, according to their victims.

A few victims also reported in their Big Scammers online fraud complaints that these scammers did not keep their end of the bargain after they sent money to these fraudsters. To cut a long story short, their spouses and children ended up severing their ties with them, and some also lost their jobs and the trust of their colleagues.

A few victims said in their Big Scammers online fraud complaints that they ended up with ruined credit scores. This is after they gave their credit card credentials to these fraudsters so as to comply with their demands. Apparently, these scammers used their credit cards for the other illegal activities that are operated by these fraudsters online and offline. This includes buying prohibited stuff from the Dark Web, such as illegal porn, drugs and firearms. This is why a few victims ended up with criminal cases.

  • Can Big Scammers Online Fraud Alerts Help Avoid These Scams?

When you sign up to receive real time Big Scammers online fraud alerts, you can be notified about the latest scam complaints posted by users in this online community. This allows you to learn about the specific details of the online scams that victimized these real users.

This can enable you to learn more about the specific tactics and schemes that are carried out by these criminal syndicates for their online scams. In turn, this’ll allow you to devise strategies to quickly spot and safely avoid these fraudsters during your day-to-day activities on the Web. This can also help you choose the right online security tools to protect yourself against their fraudulent schemes on the Web.

These Big Scammers online fraud alerts can also allow you to identify the specific online dating platforms that are frequented by these scammers. You can either choose to stay in these dating sites and apps but be more aware of these scams, or move over to a platform that isn’t being targeted by many fraudsters. If you inform your family and friends about Big Scammers and their fraud alerts, then you might be able to help them avoid these online scams.