Big Scammers report a scam feature allows its members to share their experience on various online scams, including credit card fraud cases. Credit cards and debit cards are targeted by numerous fraudulent schemes, since this is the most commonly used mode of payment online. This gives scammers a straight access to the finances or credit resources of their target victim, which they use to earn illegal profit. Here are some of the credit card scams circulating on the Internet;

Big Scammers Report a Scam – Different Credit Card Frauds

  • Credit Card Fraud Department Scam

Big Scammers report a scam feature, also accepts new credit card fraud scam reports like credit card fraud department scam. This new scamming method is used for online credit card fraud. Scammers start the scamming process by reaching out to the credit card owner. They usually present themselves as an official credit card fraud department agent. These scammers are highly skilled at conning people so assuming a fake identity comes easy to them.

They’ll usually inform you that there is a possibility that your credit card information may have been compromised. In order to ensure that you are the valid owner of the card, they will need you to provide your personal information along with the three digit security code on the back of your credit card. Of course, these are all a lie and that reason why they need your card’s security code is so that they can use your credit resources without raising any suspicion.

  •  Jury Duty Credit Card Scam

This scam is another recent method used by scammers to commit credit card fraud. This too is another sample of an online scam that you can report to Big Scammers report a scam feature. The scammer poses as a representative of the local court informing the victims that they have missed their jury duty and because of this a warrant of arrest has been issued.

Naturally, victims receiving this news are forced to reply in order to stop issuance of the warrant of arrest and explain that they have not received any jury duty letter. The scammer grabs this chance to request for the victims personal information such as social security number and credit card details. They’ll utilize the cancellation process of the warrant of arrest as an excuse to obtain this sensitive information. Once they get all the information that they need they’ll start using your credit card in conducting illegal activities online.

  • Credit Card Balance Amnesty Scam

Scammers use a credit card balance amnesty scam to convince their victims to willingly provide their credit card details. Scammers usually use a fake identity and titles when contacting their victims, posing as an official representative of the credit card provider or other credit companies.

They offer a big credit card balance discount that allows you to wave a big part of your credit card liability for a minimal amount. Once you agree with the offer, you will be required to disclose your credit information which the scammers may use as a means to pay for their malicious online transactions.

These credit card scams are just some of the sample online scams being reported to Big Scammers report a scam feature. Reporting the most recent cases of online scams to Big Scammers report a scam feature helps keep its members and readers updated, giving them a better chance at evading these malicious activities.