Cyber fraud has caused billions of dollars in losses over the years. Businesses, freelancers, Web shoppers and regular Internet users have lost a lot of money due to these online scams. In the USA alone, Web security analysts predict $19 billion in losses because of credit card theft and card not present scams by 2018. That’s why reporting scam emails and other types of fraudulent schemes on the Web can contribute to the reduction of these online scams.

However, cyber fraud poses more serious effects than just financial losses. These risks are the main reasons why a lot of security groups are adamant in convincing more users to start reporting scam emails and other types of cyber fraud that they might encounter during their regular Web browsing and Internet shopping activities. Here are just some of these risks:

What Serious Risks Can Reporting Scam Emails Prevent?

  1. Some users end up with ruined credit scores that’ll take several years to fix. In a few cases, these effects are irreversible, depending on how deep these victims end up in debt. Most of these unsuspecting users are lured into unknowingly putting their credit scores at risk through deceptive emails and private messages in popular social networks. They are tricked into agreeing to receive money for these fraudsters, or to go on a business venture with these scammers and apply for a merchant account. If more users started to regularly use tools provided by online scam complaints boards like BigScammers.Com for reporting scam emails, there could most likely be fewer victims who’ll suffer these consequences.
  1. Others have been wrongly accused of felonies. Some of these users end up doing time in federal prison. Many of these are victims who were lured by criminal syndicates into unknowingly participating in illegal activities. Some are victims of information theft where their stolen personal information and private details were used to carry out other illegal activities of these fraudsters. Many criminal syndicates carry out this type of Internet fraud through phishing messages. When more users begin to use tools for reporting scam emails and messages, then there could be a significant reduction in the number of victims for this type of cyber fraud.
  1. A number of users also end up with damaged reputations and relationships. These are mostly victims of online romance scams.

A few people have also been kidnapped and held for ransom, while a few had been reported missing and are presumed dead after falling for scam emails. These are mostly fake claims of large fortunes and prizes. If more users started reporting scam emails and the exact types of messages that they get, then these users won’t be tricked into believing these fraudsters.

These are the main reasons why more users should start reporting scam emails and online fraud in general. Aside from providing user-generated content about the latest Internet scams today, online scam complaints boards like also offer real time fraud alerts on the most recent postings and comments on their site.